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Would you ever happen to admit to having enough nerve to click on a link even though you were not sure what was on the other end?  Well, my friend, you have fallen prey to that very example!

You can call this my lame attempt to get a word into the dictionary, so let's see how long it takes?  I introduced this word to the ol' W³ on 16 DEC 09 at 1845, and yes... I already googled it, and found zero results linking to it. See below:


And yes, I did use a couple other search engines as well: Ask; Webcrawler; Hunch; Metasearch; Dogpile; and Y!. I really do not care for b*ng so I am leaving that one off of the search list.

So anyway, thanks for dropping by this page, and sorry for not having anything really cool or super-exciting here... at least not yet. But just to add some randomness for the time being, you can take a look at Webster's word of the day!