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28 OCT 18

Nikki--Reaganator--thanx 4 that Abe Lincoln quote! I had a good time laughing after I saw that above that Mars 1 ad!
[Nikki's response] BTW, that is just a simple link I made for them; it is not intended to be an ad!
13 AUG 18

Sure sweet pea. Anytime!
[Nikki's response]
10 AUG 18

OMG! Marion G. Harmon's quote is quite LITERALLY THE BOMB of all quotes over here!
[Nikki's response] I KNEW some of my visitors would appreciate that one!

Thanks for your feedback, Liz_0924!
03 JUN 18

Yeah I'm sure they send their spam all 2 u for that specific reason! They probly jus wanna keep u from sleeping! 'Doh!
[Nikki's response]Eh, call me clueless on that note.
26 MAY 18

Nikki, if u do a really strong screenlock then u needn't worry about some1 getting in2 ur cell!
[Nikki's response]Yeah, I am well aware of that, Fav0s! Actually, let me see if I can find the one where I made a comment on that note! (It was a good one, too.)
24 MAY 18

LOTS of thanx 4 the pen custom shapes certanly the heart & heartbeat! & this is comin from some1 n the medical field!
[Nikki's response]Sure, thanks for your comment, Crypt0n!te!
08 MAY 18

Nikki darling congrats 4 ur blood donations! I'm sure the recipients are ever SO thankful 4 yur contributions!
Yur definitely someone's angel!
[Nikki's response]Jazzie, awww, thanks for your mssg! And yes, I do what I can.
05 APR 18

nikkinator () so when're u gonna stick the cutco fork thru the board under that firefox link??
[Nikki's response]Oh, sorry, BGO94, I was not planning on sticking more [Cutco] utensils into the corkboard, or at least not yet.
D. Tarnsdale
24 MAR 18

DAYUM! That list of spammer emails is HUGE!!! How long've you been working on that?
[Nikki's response]I am fairly certain that I started working on it in late 2012.

Yeah, and it seems like they keep sending me their junk just to be added to the list. 'Doh!
08 MAR 18

Nikki mind telling me how u designed that speaker preview with those sound waves coming outta the speaker?
[Nikki's response]KarizmatiK, I believe what I did was create a waving line path, and then I rotated it to give it the 3D'ish appearance with a slight blur for added realism.
28 FEB 18

whats the 1/2 blood marker sposed 2 meen? u have 1/2 blood or something!?!?
[Nikki's response]Actually, Bard0, that is the image the American Red Cross shared with me for my latest donation as I am ½-way to my second gallon of donations. (Yet, ironically I also donate to Carter Blood Care, and for some reason those two agencies are not affiliated with each other in any way, shape or form for some reason.)
23 FEB 18

0¿0 i'm just doing my job here.
[Nikki's response]Interesting. I hope they pay you well!
17 FEB 18

Thanx 4 making the HH-60 + the PJ custom shapes. BAD ASS IMO!
[Nikki's response]Hey, anything I can do, Raz0r!
30 JAN 18

Whoa that's a long ass list of spammer emails! I've been getting hit like crazy on both of my Hotmail and Yahoo! accounts, & when I build my site I wanna do something like yur database.

I'm sooo fucking tired of their bullshit!!
[Nikki's response]Cool beans, X-DARDUM-X. Hopefully you can help by taking those groups down! And your sentiments are felt by several umpteen-million, I am sure of that!
19 DEC 17

Hey girl, thanx 4 the opacity trick on ur links or more specifically about the mountain scapes one! I say that b/c u helped me figure out how 2 add extra depth 2 my mountains. Thumbs way up!
[Nikki's response]Sure, no problem Elisha! Glad I could do that for you.
12 NOV 17

On ur world wide shapes set how come theres no snow across on the eastern seaboard? >> call me extremely perplexed << But also thanx 4 making it!
[Nikki's response]If I remember correctly, when I designed that animation forever-ago, the file size (with the extra snow) was too much for Adobe's liking; therefore, to share it on the former ASX, I had to go without the snow over there.

No problem at all, Chickie_moonpiE. Enjoy using the set!
12 OCT 17

OK thanx 4 looking 4 me baby & that's useful info!
[Nikki's response]No problem!
07 OCT 17


what font did u use 4 that chocolate style?

I tried using, but nothing came up for me.
[Nikki's response]Ahh, shoot. 'Doh! I looked at my file, and unfortunately, I did not save a true PSD version of it. Let me see if I can dig through my fonts to find it.

Actually, I managed to find it for you! It is

And I am not sure what results you might get if you do not have the font, but you can use PS to find it [or something close enough] for you:
23 AUG 17

I have a comment for ur litening style. Wouldn't it be better 2 say the size of the lightning bolt style is ''A Electrifying 2 KB'' instead?
[Nikki's response]Absolutely stunning idea, Verve-199! Will update shortly.
16 JUL 17

Its not ur site I promise u Nikki! My parents gave me a new desk chair 4 my bday last month & ITS SUPER COMFY! & can u fix my previous post's typo please?
[Nikki's response]Oh, okay. Thanks for the reassurance!

Sure, consider it done!
02 JUL 17

OMG RH NIKKI! I must've dozed off @ my computer again!
[Nikki's response]Hmm, great. Now that speaks well of my Web site!
28 JUN 17

Hey RH Nikki: I see that US AF emblem behind the aircraft shape animation, can u send me that as a PS shape also?
[Nikki's response]Somehow you must have missed the particular "USAF Wing Patch" set down below?
03 JUN 17

good call either way!
[Nikki's response]I do what I can!
22 MAY 17

That's a GREAT thing u gave us the Sig Sauer P 320 Nikki b/c the Army recently released it to us! Or was it b/c of their decision u added it?
[Nikki's response]Hey, there is a reason for everything, InfidelSlayer! And you can say I lucked out as an Air Marshall friend o' mine suggested the SIG Sauer 229 for me a few months ago, and I guess I just happened to find the P320 while I was looking around.
twisted cranium
19 APR 17

Hm then thanx 4 showing me as u seem 2 b right.
[Nikki's response]
16 APR 17

Hi, I found the following country shades which have been created by you. Sadly the download link is not working anymore. Any chance you can send me the shapes? I want to use them to create titles for my vacation videos.

Greetings from Munich,

[Nikki's response]Andreas:

Thank you so much for letting me know about that site as I had no idea I was even posted on it!

Sure, here is the file, and this should be most of the countries. I believe there is one new one from Africa that I have not included, if I remember correctly.

Again, thanks for letting me know and for asking about it!!
twisted cranium
13 APR 17

Dave & every1 else 2 bad she screwed up on Warthog 01 shape though b/c the engines arent lined up right - at least the top 1.   0.o
[Nikki's response]Twisted Cranium, here is the original picture I used (though the source is different). It looks spot on if you ask me!
Helo Hunter
05 APR 17

Rgr but PJ's can't jump w/o helos.
[Nikki's response]Ah, point taken. 'Doh! Let me see what I can do about tossing an HH-60 in to that set in the next day or so!
Helo Hunter
02 APR 17

Nikki'd u 4get 2 add the AH-56, or HH-60 in that set?
[Nikki's response]Helo Hunter, shoot. Yeah, looks like I could have tossed in a helicopter of some sort. At least I made the PJ, so you gotta give me props for that one!
11 MAR 17

Nikki, wow, you were so correct regarding returning for more great quotes! I also like Dale Horvath's, and a few of those "unknown" quotes. To name a few, climbing the mountain - stopped clock - today's joy - Eagles fly alone - blood donation - and especially "I am the storm!"
[Nikki's response] Glad to hear about it, Josephine!

You know what to do now.
12 FEB 17

INTRICATE WORK ON THE PJ SHAPE! How long did it take u 2 make that 1?
[Nikki's response]To be honest, Divin' Dave, I have literally no idea. I had originally designed the paracord many, m-a-n-y months ago as I used it for a design at work. Then it came to mind a while ago that I should toss in the whole PJ outfit in this set, so there we go. Therefore, I must rule this one as undetermined.
08 JAN 17

OMG! Nikki 'Raegan', Your sentiments relating to Edward Snowden & the Barbie doll is the exact reason why my husband & I told our daughter she couldn't get that as a gift for her birthday last April!
And we shared our feelings with our friends, & our thoughts seemed 2 spread like a wildfire!!
[Nikki's response]Go figure, Candice!
Miles Keely
22 DEC 16

why's the electric bolt upside down on that custom shape set?
[Nikki's response]Miles, well, when I originally made that lightning strike, I was drawing it for the 301st Fighter Wing patch. And simply rotating it should not be that difficult!
16 DEC 16

As u said Nikki, 'Long live the A-10!' ..... but short live the enemy in his scope!
[Nikki's response]Nice one, ThunderStruck!!
20 NOV 16

Do I hafta remind u that it was a stuffed monkey! Regardless, it couldn't ask u 4 the photo op!!
[Nikki's response]Unfortunately, it sounds like you have a lack of imagination, ShortSaber.
17 NOV 16

What's up with the crazy monkey in your Nolan top??
[Nikki's response]Hey now! That would be the Pit section's lucky Munky. I was the one who took care of him most of the time, pretty much hence the reason why he was in my uni for that shot. (Plus, he really did not want to miss out on the photo opportunity!)
15 NOV 16

Como dijo |l0co_ni¤¢| muchas gracias!
[Nikki's response]
09 NOV 16

Hey, Nikki! Quick question 4 u. That party pic u snapped, how'd u get his arm to split up in that style?
Plz don't tell me u did a video grab & converted 3 pix into 1 shot!
Mis padres recientemente me Canon Rebel T6I, & quiero know how 2 do pix like that 1!
[Nikki's response]Oh, no! That is not the method I used to take that picture. I was using my Nikon D60, and I believe I simply used the S (Shutter) mode for that shot. Try that out on your Rebel, and have fun with what you get!
24 OCT 16

¡GrÅcías mÜjËr!
[Nikki's response]Enjoy!
15 OCT 16

Whered Ù get those stylz 4 MexÍco & BrazÍl?
[Nikki's response]I believe you are referring to the countries' styles, correct? If so, those came from the old Adobe Studio Exchange.

Let me see if I can dig up the file(s), and I will send your way.
20 SEP 16

Ok gotchya! & yeah u like totally did an exquisite job on the reflection detail
[Nikki's response]Thanks again, iamsunshine!
18 SEP 16

[Nikki's response]Tenth Air Force, Public Affairs.
13 SEP 16

Thumbs up 4 the Air Force wallpapers ESPECIALLY THE UPSIDEDOWN F-16!!!!

@ 1st I thought that was real but then I had 2 think about it 4 a split moment.
[Nikki's response]Yeah, that is kind of the reason why I have the "enhanced preview" annotated on the screenshot. You know, just to prep you for the greatness I did while back in 10 AF PA!
28 AUG 16

Like Huyentran_2k6 said thnx 4 yur shared files! <3 yur work!
[Nikki's response]Sure, no problem, 19gambi88! Glad I can help you all out.
25 AUG 16

Nikki you have some really good quotations here! I love the one from Charlotte Bronte, and Julia Roberts
[Nikki's response]Well, make sure to come back, Josephine, because I assume there will be more additions in the near future.
20 AUG 16

Oh my goodness!!1 I swear that girl holding the (n)Obama sign was in my science class! & I guess we finally see why she failed her English courses! (I think her name was Candice or Kimmy >--< I don't remember 4 which 1.)
[Nikki's response]I imagine that was a tough hill to climb after the picture went viral.

Actually, I used TinEye, and so it appears to be Kim was intending the typos.
02 JUL 16

Seeing Michelle Thaller's statement about finding life outside of our planet I beleive she won't be so excited about it when it plays out like that movie "Aliens", or even "Independence Day"! Those buggers r gonna ruin her day!
[Nikki's response]Salem2012, you seem to have a valid point on that note! Yeah, and I believe the unknown quote I have ties into your topic as well, "The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that it has never tried to contact us."
10 JUN 16

thanx 4 sharing the files, huge help! ^v^
[Nikki's response]Sure, glad I was able to do that for you, huyentran_2k6.
29 MAY 16

Thnx 4 posting Michonne's quote! Had 2 look 4 it, & found the episode
[Nikki's response]Congrats, NightstalkeR!
30 APR 16

[Nikki's response]You're welcome, Gokhan_Aleksander!
27 MAR 16

Holy shit! I never saw those connections btwn Fight Club & Calvin & Hobbes b4! Thx 4 sharring that link.
[Nikki's response]Sure, glad I could help, zik0o071!
29 JAN 16

Got it! At first I was thinking u fell asleep at the keyboard kinda like me with this here response,
[Nikki's response] If I fell asleep while coding, hopefully I have enough common sense to analyze before I upload!
23 JAN 16

Great A-10 wallpaper! Needless to say, whoever is at the opposite end a'int gonna live much longer.
[Nikki's response][-Bunker-Buster-], you got that one right!
10 JAN 16

Via v.schlichting? What kind of photo verbage is that supposed 2 mean?
[Nikki's response]No, that is not a verb, Edwin! That is the videographer's name (or at least what was provided) where I found the clip.
08 DEC 15

Oh, I'm giddy with so much anticipation!!
[Nikki's response]Sure you are! Will try to get something up soon. (I have two ideas floating in my cranium, and will implement one of them.)
02 DEC 15

Nikki - nice quotes from The Walking Dead!! 2 bad u don't have anything else supporting that amazing show here.
[Nikki's response]Miss-Anonymous, Okay, okay...let me see if I can figure out something to do. Of course, this one will be something special just because you asked for it!
Frutti Tutti
25 NOV 15

Aww, u chopped off that stick figure's manhood? Now he's more like u in that she's a shemale. Just give'er some boobies, & she's just like u! (That's u in the last group pic, far left, right?)
[Nikki's response]You are totally jumping the gun here, Frutti Tutti! I have not ventured down that path just yet, but hopefully I will one of these days. And with that said, negative, I am second from the left, back, with the black shirt.
Stephen Q.
22 NOV 15

I think you have it wrong as molecular fusion is actually the spectral optics proprietary technique for permanently bonding optically contacted surfaces. That flexible process produces components that are stable & physically robust with no adhesives or other materials introduced at the coated surface. The result is the damage threshold of an optically contacted interface w/ the mechanical strength of a solid component. Thermal matching is maintained, allowing component use over a wide temperature range. Molecular fusion also permits the fabrication of novel structures, creating a new category of coated optical components!
[Nikki's response]Stephen, I guess you misread the last part of my previous statement, "angels can do as they please!"
Gena in NC
19 NOV 15

Why not?!
[Nikki's response]That would be because (if I remember correctly) I was no longer seeing Tammy, and she never called me back to take the second picture.
Gena in NC
16 NOV 15

Ok, u did the 'before' shot of Petie but where's the 'after' shot? & thats 1 CUTE min pin!!!
[Nikki's response]Gena in NC, unfortunately I never took a secondary picture of Petie.
Nicole G
01 NOV 15

Elegant job on that fairy angel logo but 2 bad u messed up @ the end of the tails b/c those dont overlap like the other parts of the tails do!
[Nikki's response]Nicole G, welcome to molecular fusion...angels can do as they please!
14 OCT 15

oK, I'm asking only b/c I'm curious--is ur custom shape stick figure excited!?! it looks 2 me like he has a boner!
[Nikki's response]What the...oh my, geez. Apologies, I will work on correcting it as there was zero intention of that type of blunder. (It seems like ± 10125 people before you were okay with it!)
19 SEP 15

R U DUMB? Sweet tea has caffiene in it 2!
[Nikki's response]InalaD, so yeah, there is caffeine in sweet tea. I guess I overlooked that; however, I should point out that I drink it maybe ± five times a month. (Last time I had some, it kept me awake from 1700 to about 0345, and that was just a medium cup!)
07 SEP 15

Really? How many hrs do u normally get? I konk out by 1100 or so, & I definitly need some Starbucks 2 get through the next day.
[Nikki's response]To be blantanly honest, I am lucky if I get five hours of sleep each night. Sometimes, I get just under that, and occasionally I need to stop by Chicken Express and grab a Sweet Tea! That typically picks me up for the next few hours.
31 AUG 15

How can u survive without caffeine?? I need my starbucks espresso shot every morning b4 i get 2 work, or I have a sluggish day.
[Nikki's response]Sylcha, I guess that is one of those lucky traits I have, being able to survive without caffiene. I have enough trouble getting sleep on my own anyway, and any caffiene whatsoever is not going to help with that topic.
28 AUG 15

LOL! That Abe Lincoln quote is absolutely hella funny! Where'd u see that 1!?
[Nikki's response]Micah, oh, heck...I am not sure where I recall finding it. But I also remember hearing something about it being stated between one of his conversations with Santa, Wile E Coyote and Jesus Christ.
22 AUG 15

oh the humanity of it. i threw my coke outta the window after seeing ur Coke link!! also shouldn't that be dr pepper rules?
[Nikki's response]FlangeR, hopefully you got it out the window without any Coke splattering across the floor, etc! And I opt to say it in past tense because I used to be a Dr. Pepper fiend...but since ± my freshman year in college, I stopped drinking caffeine altogether. (Yes, there have been a few random instances since then but nothing ongoing.)
29 JUL 15

In regards 2 what u told sharlene what would u tell sum1 who wants 2 be a plummer?
(Just emphasizing how important my question is! )
[Nikki's response]Well, Louie_LFF, that would be easy. We would just convert "stars" to that of a plunger!
02 JUN 15

Highlighting the 10000th spammer's email nice! How long've u had that list going? I need 2 go back & look 4 repeats!
[Nikki's response]AardVark+5, I figured I should do something to highlight that number. And trust me, I removed all duplicates long ago, and I make sure to not include any should they pop up again as I am extremely OCD. I have been working on that list since ± '009.
Sharlene G.
27 May 15

Mrs. Holmes, thanx for sharing that quote by Carl Sagan I'm looking & thinking of going into that field of degree when I get older.
[Nikki's response]Sharlene, good to hear that you have that kind of desire. Reach up, and grab for the stars!
22 MAY 15

i immediately recognized yor pool pic's & isnt that @ cross creek ranch? & altho the 2nd pic looks more better i'd say that's a false representation f0r those units
[Nikki's response]Jobe, yes, that is Cross Creek Ranch! And I guess you can say I am happy I got out of there a few years ago.
20 APR 15

Wait whats this about killing & jaywalkers gettin hit by cars?
[Nikki's response]Apologies, Mack. I guess you had not looked at the Humanity page, yet?
16 APR 15

You made me & my sisters laugh so hard Nikki!
15 APR 15

Oh I didn't say it was an intentional killing - like what if someone swerves 2 miss a bus full of kids but accidentally hits him whilst he's jaywalking looking for another victim to rob from?
[Nikki's response]Well, heck...if you put it that way! Jaywalkers, best be watching out for G-Pham!
13 APR 15

Girl, you nailed it, & yes, that thief is gonna go straight down 2 hell after he perishes from this Earth! I imagine someone'll give him a lending hand on that topic as well u know just 2 speed up the process & all.
[Nikki's response]G-Pham, if someone kills him...wouldn't that in essence be another person going to hell?
17 MAR 15

Wait, ur a tranny? Wow, & a good-looking man u've been, too. $50 says u'll make a gorgeous woman tho.

Have u found anyone 2 help u out with everything? & there are plenty of us women who'd be more than glad to help u remove that so called "manhood" of urs!
[Nikki's response]AFHTAR, thanks for your first-and-a-half comment! I am not sure how it is all going to turn out, but I do have great hopes.

And I do have some resources, but I have not ventured down that particular pathway just yet.
25 FEB 15

Christie, or Nikki

I looked at that Past Present Future pic you did at work, & u did an EXCELLENT JOB on the P-47! It looked legit by everyone who saw it!
[Nikki's response]Krunch, all I can say is thanks to the power of Photoshop! Yeah, and it has been there for a few years, and nobody has made a negative comment about it as well. *whew!*
Livid Cycle
11 FEB 15

Those mil patterns r decent, but somethin tells me they won't select'em 4 the next batch of ABU's!
[Nikki's response]Yeah, I am going to have to agree with you on that note, Livid Cycle. They might be useful in some occasions, but I doubt they would want to pay me the royalties for it!
07 FEB 15

Of course!!
04 FEB 15

Miss Holmes, I had a good laugh over your Coke/Dr. Pepper statement on your humanity page! And I completely agree w/ your reasoning...if it's good to clean the toilet, it sure a'int going into my bodily system!
[Nikki's response]Carla, yep, that pretty much sums up my thinking of it. Well stated!
G Bowie
30 JAN 15

You worked for cutco for 11yrs & all you could muster up was $35,000? What a miserable shame! My friends could sell that in like 1 year alone!!!
[Nikki's response]G, well hey, not everyone is quite the sales expert, and I realized after the first few months that my college grades were not going to just go and work out on their own.
11 JAN 15

thnx 4 the city & mountain shapes b/c I'm gona try 2 make a paralax affect!
[Nikki's response]52edoC, sounds cool. Best of luck with your project!
19 DEC 14

Hey Reaganator, I like your quote list--definitely a great collection here!--but I noticed that one from Edgar Allen Poe seems to be stuck at the top. I point that out because the one from Governor Huckabee was the second quote when I looked last time, but now the is is the third quote. Is that first one stuck, or was that an accident on your part!?!
[Christie's response]Muse, quite observant you are! Yes, Poe's quote has been affixed to the top of the misc collection as that one hit home for me many a many of years ago, and it still holds true to this day.
14² DEC

Thx 4 that additional Discovery wallpaper! Although the other 1 does look good, I prefer the 1 u displayed on ur site.
[Christie's response]You and I are in the same boat on that note, JbnE374!
05 NOV 14

Is that supposed 2 b Scotty the frog beaming u up in that wallpaper!?!
[Christie's response]Scotty the fr...okay, I get it. Ha ha ha. () Quite the joker you are, Whyz-1.
Saul Fress
26 OCT 14

whyd u even bother making the pdf of that 610 logo? Cuz u could just use the jpeg?
[Christie's response]Saul, actually, no. Unfortunately, simply using the jpg img did not work for me in that instance because the coin designers recommended the PDF format, and tossing in a jpg to that format would not do justice for the final layout.
16 OCT 14

The files you have here are nothing short of AMAZING!!! Thanks for the posts!
[Christie's response]Anne, thanks for your feedback!
Explosive Hazard
10 OCT 14

Hey u snagged my quote from CNN, the 1 about Moslems blowing themselves up I guess before they deleted it? Either way rock on babe!
[Christie's response]Explosive Hazard, yes, I noticed it had been removed from their server some time after after I copied it. I felt that statement was right on target for the article, and I believe it was unfortunate they removed it.
T Lindstrom
01 OCT 14

Looking back @ that Alison chick's message 2 u & ur reply I bet she'd like it if u'd send her a couple thousand dollars!@!!
[Christie's response]Looks like she missed out on that one now, doesn't it, T Lindstrom? Yeah, and I play the lottery so frequently as well.
21 SEP 14

u got their patch from the army? that's supposed to be a usaf unit, not a army unit!
[Christie's response]True, true, Spencer. But if I am looking for a particular patch that I do not have, I prefer to ask my best resources for help first, and that time they pulled through for ½ of what I needed.
19 SEP 14

why didnt u include those 2 other patches 'as items 2 see' from that bottle opener?
[Christie's response]Spencer, although I did recreate the 301 FW wing patch (from my Photoshop version), I did not feel it was worth posting again. And as for the 495th Fighter Group, I received their patch from Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Army (OAA).
28 AUG 14

What'd u mean by saying u 'wouldnt go that far?' 2 Magda?
[Christie's response]I was referencing to the genius comment.
09 AUG 14

how'd u remove the white background from the pic i shared w/ u? that looks gr8 that way as a gif!
[Christie's response]I used an action called PC Whiteout, which I got from the old Adobe Studio Exchange. And to be honest, I saved it as a png as I prefer to steer away from gif files.
06 AUG 14

Very useful content here, though slightly outdated for CS6.
[Christie's response]Thanks for pointing out the obvious, Garth61!
Alison H
02 AUG 14

Fantastic! Thnx much 4 the country shapes! Saved me TONS of time!!!!!
[Christie's response]Sure, anything I can do, Alison!
Magda Shinobu
18 JUL 14

¡¡A Genius!! ¡Thanx 4 the shapes!
[Christie's response]Ha! I wouldn't go that far, but whatever floats your boat, Magda Shinobu!
21 JUN 14

i just wanted 2 stop by & say THANX b/c my older brother's making my group's pic. We discovered it when messing around w/ 1 of ur shapes.
[Christie's response]Baby-103, looks like you are getting somewhere, and clever way to make the flower...however you did it! You all keep up your great work!
03 JUN 14

trabajo muy detallado sobre los países españoles! gracias porque me ayud con un proyecto para mi escuela.
[Christie's response]I sure hope you earned a good grade from that project, Hernando!
31 MAY 14

Call this ironic, but thanx 4 putting the transparent effect on ur imgs as it immediately helped me figured out a way 2 add depth 2 the mountain ranges I'm going 2 make.
[Christie's response]dvnt_f×, good eye!
30 MAY 14

. . .DU Du du. . .MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!! cgsa
27 MAY 14

But the pin board is flimsy material on the back side itself right?
[Christie's response]Jonas, that very well may be true, but you have to think of the wall and who knows whatever else is back there, too. Or are you trying to be a party pooper?
19 MAY 14

cutco's awesome! but why's it thru the other side?
[Christie's response]Tamara, it is just a unique way to show how good their blades are.
07 MAY 14

If exploring mars is going 2 'lead 2 bigger & even greater things' as u stated in Febuary, then why dont U get out there & explore mars!?
[Christie's response]Actually, I did contact the Mars One team about being one of their candidates for going up, but I was turned down. Therefore, you cannot say I did not make an attempt, Misterfr33k!
25 APR 14

Oh, surely NASA'd want us 2 think that about the Mars pic! I bet it was something they wanted 2 hide from us!
[Christie's response]Scotty, you are on your own on that note.
12 APR 14

Where r u 2 talking about the Mars shot being edited? I dont see the missing shadow?
[Christie's response]I have no idea if you looked at the wallpaper I made, but it is this spot down here...

28 MAR 14

magnifico job on those ribbon shapes! but how am I supposed 2 color the edges of the "a" ribbon? & by color I mean something different from the center-piece!
[Christie's response]I believe you are referring to something like this?

If so, you can download this sample of it (a psd with layers ready to be manipulated).
13 MAR 14

Were u the 1 who edited the Mars "selfie" pic? Was there an alien's footprint down there infront of the rover?!
[Christie's response]0100110101100101, you know, I thought about that when I first noticed the missing shadow, but I figured that would be something extremely difficult for NASA to steer away from had that been the case. Surely it was due to the pictures being merged together! (And if you want, take a look at the original photo.)
28 FEB 14

As stated by the others, thx 4 ur shapes & other PS works, Christie!
[Christie's response]Many thanks for your comment, Gabr!ela.
23 JAN 14

Very well done & usefull shapes - thanx a lot for sharing!
[Christie's response]Thanks for your message, urban-delay! Have fun with what you downloaded.
16 JAN 14

[Christie's response]Mihaela, thanks for your message!
03 JAN 14

Thanx! That was even better than I expected!! (And apologies 4 mispelling ur name.)
[Christie's response]Sure, glad I could help! And no worries as you are not the first.
30 DEC 13

Hello Christy! Requesting a favor here as I took notice of ur banner & ribbon shapes preview & I've recently tried 2 draw that element behind the title, however my artistic abilities in photoshop aren't all they're cracked up to be (at least not yet!!). Can you do me a ginormous favor & send me that on it's own, but like über big?
[Christie's response]Sure, Maddie; you can download the custom shape I made of it and create whatever your heart desires!
18 DEC 13

Veel succes met je transformatie.
06 DEC 13

Muszę powiedzieć, ładne tapety, ale dlaczego nie zaprojektowane żadnych twórczych te ostatnio?
[Christie's response]Henryka, if I understood your question correctly (via google translate), I have two or three that I started working on many a many of months ago, but I just never got around to finishing them. However, whenever (if ever!) I do, I will certainly put them up.
24 NOV 13

Wow! Thnx 4 the prompt reply!!
[Christie's response]Well, as Garcia (from Criminal Minds) put it, "Rush is the only speed a Lamborghini has; proud techie dweeb over and out. Yeah."
23 NOV 13

What style or pattern was used for those 1st 2 ribbons? I'm working on a project 4 class, & those would tremendously help me!
[Christie's response]Designer_Wendy, I used Kappy Penner's Ribbons style.
A Castlebury
29 OCT 13

Christie/Guinevere, I have 2 tell u that my bestest friend is a post-op trans. She never felt right with her "enlarged clit", but she's amazing now w/o it! She's a great friend, & I'm happy 2 know & help her. I wish u the best!
[Guinevere's response]Good to hear, Angela. I am taking baby steps with all of this, but I hope to make some proper adjustments in the future.
26 OCT 13

Gracias a mi amiga, simplemente espectacular descargas. ¡De Mèxico!
14 OCT 13

Queste applicazioni di Photoshop sono belle :))) Ottimo, GRAZIE GRAZIE GRAZIE!
[Christie's response]I understood your last comment, Ernesta, and you are more than welcome!
10 OCT 13

I think I got it now. Thnx!
[Christie's response]Sure, no problem, Jbird16!
08 OCT 13

Hi! Im still using Photoshop CS4 so I don't know if it's b/c of that, but how'd u get ur nuke explosion to have depth in it's colors?
[Christie's response]I do not recall which version I used when I created that example, but I put the gradient on the base layer, and I put a layer on top with the cloud effect, which was converted to "Difference" mode. Does that help?
03 OCT 13


Intricate work on your custom shapes, ESPECIALLY the crop circles!

Need I be worried about any UFOs coming to visit me now?
[Christie's response]Cici0202, I believe you will be okay because the aliens have stayed away from least as far as I know! (I used to be a die hard X-Files fanatic, so that might be part of it.)
28 SEP 13

Takket være deg! Fantastisk arbeid i Photoshop! Fortsett det gode arbeidet.
23 SEP 13

I ran across ur site last night, & only outta boredom I snagged sum of ur PS files. All I can say, is "WOW!" U made sum GR8 files!!!
[Christie's response]Thanks, banter001, and glad to hear you like what you downloaded!
09 SEP 13

Thx 4 those tragedy pdfs.....most importantly the 9/11 one.
[Christie's response]You are more than welcome, Sammie.
Valerie R.
02 SEP 13

Intriguing quote list, darling, & you definitely have some good ones from Boston, too, as mentioned by Ms. Alexis Propper. I enjoyed looking thru them...I will surely be back for more.
[Christie's response]Valerie, I post quotes whenever I take notice to them. Come back in ± a month, and there is bound to be something new (and hopefully under better circumstances as well).
ËℓḀïñҽ §
28 AUG 13

wh0000000p!!! That palm tree p!c & comment made me laugh so hard tears came pouring out of my eye$! ђåɳʞʂ ⅎ●ᴚ sharing that 1!
[Christie's response]ËℓḀïñҽ, I believe I had the same reaction to it of some degree. And I see you have mastered the keyboard and/or the char map; congrats on that note!
19 AUG 13

u know ur PJ feet r incorrect on that Patriot Saint poster...right? S/b 4 toes on each foot, NOT 5! FYSA, jump here -> <-
[Christie's response]Yes, I am aware of that, Sputter7D! Each time I put the four-toes on there, I was told to change it back to five-toes.
However, I would like to say that I saw that someone drew a little Patriot Saint design on a Shake Weight (I believe that was a sarcastic excercise tool of some sort), and they put the four-toes on it instead. And just who's desk was it sitting at? The Patriot Saint mc who insisted on displaying five-toes!
10 AUG 13

[Christie's response](If that was translated correctly...) You're welcome!
05 AUG 13

Gracias tanto por las aportaciones de gran utilidad y las instrucciones mi amiga. Tienen una gran semana usted perspicaz y mujer muy útiles!!
[Christie's response]Alejandro, many thanks for your generous feedback. Take care, and have a good one!
Sierra M
28 JUL 13

Christie no puedo entender cómo hacer el banner formas como Angela. ¿Puede por favor ayudarme a averiguar cómo hacer que las piezas individuales funcionan correctamente?
[Christie's response]Sierra, if I understand correctly that you are asking for instructions to use the individual ribbon/banner pieces, simply select "defined size" and "from center" to make it easier to create the entire ribbon.

Just use a common-center point (ctrl+'), and you may need to adjust their vertical alignment a little bit, too.
24 JUL 13

I assume u were able to tell I was j/k by my previous statement? If not, I WAS JOKING AROUND!!
[Christie's response]I figured...I was just playing it off on you.
K Sullivan
16 JUL 13

Great job w/ these other shapes also such as the world wide shapes, & the city-/mountain-scapes. I even get 2 have fun by making the citizens freak out with aliens's crop circles, & their space ship, & even a meteor or 2!
[Christie's response]K, make sure not to go overboard there as those citizens you mentioned may decide to elect another leader to replace you.
06 JUL 13

I heard about ur ribbon shapes & although they're basic, they did come in handy the other day.
Angela 80_20
05 JUL 13

Christie, those ribbon shapes are stupendously exquisite!! TYSM4 making them especially the individual pieces to make it more peppy and vibrant. Brilliant, I tell you, brilliant! But, I must say it took me a moment to determine how to utilize them. Only then do they work like a charm.
[Christie's response]Glad to hear about it, Angela! And I am also happy you were able to figure out how the pieces work.
Loris Tisdale
02 JUL 13

Incredible shapes, mate! Specially the Australian bunch.
[Christie's response]Thank you, and I am glad you can make use of them, Loris!
24 JUN 13

OMG last month I saw that video about what Monsanto is doing to our food, & I couldn't eat for like 3 whole days! My stomach just flat out stopped craving food - period. Heck, if someone needs to take a diet, WATCH THAT!! It'll put a stop to any food cravings whatsoever.
[Reagan's response]35+3113, I know what you mean as I felt the same for about a day-and-a-half. And yes, you seem to have a valid suggestion for diet motivation!
15 JUN 13

DAMN STRAIGHT on the name! I got mine back in '76, but that's only b/c my parents gave it 2 me. It's a name that means the world 2 me, & I hope u get 2 cherish urs as well.
[Guinevere's response]Thanks, Gwendolyn!
06 JUN 13

Whatch'ya gunnoo do 2 keep Señor Kishore away from your site Reagan? Simply telling him ain't gunnoo do very much imo!
[Reagan's response]True, but IP addresses can be blocked though. If Kishore wants to come back that much and say something else, I would hate to rain on his parade.
The Black and Gold
01 JUN 13

LOLZ!! Yeah, if they can ever simply make it back 2 the playoffs, that'd be a miracle in & of itself!!
[Reagan's response]'Eh, maybe next year?

EDIT: 13 APR 14
Looks like I was correct! (And incredible thanks goes to that of Tyler Seguin!) Now if only they can make it beyond round one...
The Black and Gold
31 MAY 13

Speaking of Boston Strong on here...GO BRUINS!!!
[Reagan's response]Oh, I soooo wish I could see the Stars make it this far into the season... like back in '99. And of course winning the Stanley Cup being the primary point of that idea.
Boston Propper
26 MAY 13

As a native Bostinian I must say that I'm impressed (& slightly shocked) that a Texan put up those quotes about Boston on ur site. I know their acts were uncalled 4 & demeaning amongst other things, but good on u 4 representing us here in such a fashion. BOSTON STRONG!
-Alexis Propper
[Reagan's response]Boston Propper, I know what you mean about the heinous acts afflicted to your city...had it happened anywhere else, I am sure [roughly] the same response would have been felt and taken. But congrats to your citizens for keeping strong and showing the rest of the world that you will not back down to such atrocities.
19 MAY 13

Definitely spear o mint or wint o green!!
[Reagan's response]Many thanks for a great selection!
16 MAY 13

Girl, ur such a LIFE SAVER! (Keep in mind, I know ur a woman trapped in man's body, but all things considered, u made my day!)
[Reagan's response]Many thanks, bjladybug! Glad I could help you resolve that issue.

Okay, I must ask only out of curiosity from being called a life saver so many times...what flavour did you pick?
15 MAY 13

I followed those steps 4 making my country shapes see-thru that u mentioned 4 Jutta, but they're all still black. Am I doing something wrong b/c this's seriously driving me MAD!
[Reagan's response]Bjladybug, I assume your shapes are #000 (black) to start off with, so the best solution on that note for you is to convert "Darken" to "Lighten," and then you should be good to go!
Sean 10401
29 APR 13

Inspirational if I may say. Is Christie the name you'd want to go by? Why not The “Christienator”!!?
[Reagan's response]Sean, in case you missed it on my bio, I got Christie from my old phone's display at work. If I had to take a pick on names, Guinevere is what I would prefer. I first heard that name back in third grade while reading the "Tales of King Arthur," and it has stuck with me ever since.

As for "The Reaganator," that nickname came from UT-Arlington. I did go out in drag a few times, but I never picked up a name during those occurances.
21 APR 13

Christie, tysm 4 the Curiosity wallpaper! I kept looking 4 that shot 4 my desktop but they were either way 2 small or they wouldn't look right. But urs is perfect!
[Reagan's response]Glad to hear, Star Gazer! Yeah, I know what you mean as I got to the point where I pinged NASA for that shot...and after getting no response, I looked a little bit harder. I believe this is the URL where I found it...then I cropped it down for the desktop.
16 APR 13

Ur a man but wanna 2 b a female? Damn, somebody's a little loony err no, way fucked up.
[Reagan's response]I beg your pardon, Kishore? Okay, this is not something that I decided to do one day. It is how I have really felt down on the inside...this is who I really am, and it was from day one as far as I can recall. If you cannot accept a person with this kind of "issue," then you certainly do not need to be hanging around on this particular site.
06 APR 13

That quotation you have by Ralph Strangis about the player's names, that kinda defeated the purpose of u putting it on here, rigt?
[Reagan's response]I know, I got to thinking about that while I was typing it out. But even so, I thought it was humourous enough to post.
pseudo human
28 MAR 13

Wow. . .a company where people are payed to cry at funerals? where do I sign up!?!?!
[Reagan's response]I bet that is going to get frowned upon (probably not directly) when applicants start putting that on their resumé and apply elsewhere.
23 MAR 13

Definately your collection of custom shapes as an impressive 'world' of them resides here! (Get it?) And the city/mountain shapes 2 go along with them, thats way cool!
[Reagan's response]Ha! Sweet comment, Davilyn.
19 MAR 13

FABULOUS! ----- If there was a rating system, I'd say FIVE STARS!
[Reagan's response]Thanks for your feedback, Davilyn! I thought about putting a rating system here a few years ago, but I honestly do not care enough about the scale to put one up. And is your remark regarding a particular download or something different?
65512 7004
04 MAR 13

You know, it's somewhat of a rarity for people to decipher that. I know its not coded well but great job nonetheless!
[Reagan's response]Ha! Clever. I was sitting there looking at it, and it took me a minute. I figured I could at least ask about it.
65512 7004
03 MAR 13

I've gotta say you have some good pics, but between those 2 apartment ones, that second pic is the winner! I say that b/c it looks more vibrant, it looks alive in comparison to the other one.
And I looked on their site...they need to update that one!
[Reagan's response]Well, I recall the owner [at the time while I was there] liked the first picture because of the field of vision. Initially, he had some regular picture taken on some hunky dory camera, but I used Photomatix to enhance my picture a bit. And that is blatantly obvious for the second shot!

Feel that your name?
28 FEB 13

Девушки спасибо и еще раз спасибо за вашу помощь в создании намеченных фигур в Photoshop Elements. Ты спас меня!
[Reagan's response]If I understood that correctly, Татьяна, your thanks should technically go to Jutta as I most likely would not have posted such insructions on my own.
Maggie Kaufman
22 FEB 13

Just what I was looking for. Big thanx for those scape shapes!!
[Reagan's response]Sure, no problem, Maggie! I will add a few more after my hands heal from their injuries, so make sure to look again in ± a month.
11 FEB 13

Christie, I'm making a valentines card 4 my bf & I wanna know how u layerd ur heart/arrow shapes in that preview? No matter which layer's on top, I can't get it to hide behind the other one like what u did. :( So if I may ask, can u please show me how 2 do that???
Thank u, ur the best!
[Reagan's response]Bare_voïD, that is accomplished by simply using a mask effect on the arrow. Just put the two layers down (preferably the arrow on top as that is what we will "hide" here) » add a layer mask to the arrow » in the layers tab, ctrl-click the heart (ants should be marching around that shape now)

but then select the layer mask on the arrow » press "b" to get a brush (make sure black is the selected color) » draw over the part of the arrow to be hidden » press ctrl+d to deselect the heart, and now you are done! (Well, at least for that part of it.)

Good luck on the remainder of your card!

Thanks for your comment, but I believe I fail in comparison to Panos, Corey Baker and a number of others.
02 FEB 13

[Reagan's response]Well observed.
22 JAN 13

Yah I would have said ur retarded, or an idiot, but those were 2 strong & offensive. Didn't want to make u . K, & now it makes sense about ur original statement.
[Reagan's response]Well, I do keep a box of tissue paper by my side at all times for those kinds of instances.
21 JAN 13

Biohazard -- awesum band & gr8 shapes! Thnx 4 makin'em! **Adieu!**
[Reagan's response]Honestly, I never listened to that group, but glad to hear about the CSH response. Have a good one, pacret_152!
16 JAN 13

Whatchya mean u BELIEVE its in that pack? Yur the 1 who used that style right? So u should kno where it came from!! NINCOMPOOP!!!
[Reagan's response]Au contraire, dIgItAl_nItEm4rE! I said "believe" because CSP used to have a style pack on the ASX long ago called "New Metal Styles," and he eventually removed all of his content ±six years ago. Since then, he has been putting his content back online for sale...I guess [most likely] because he eventually realized how much money he could make with his creativity.

Nincompoop...really? That is a word I have not heard in many a many of years!
Δ ηχώ
13 JAN 13

End of time. Wicked cool acronym right?
[Reagan's response]Ah, now I see. True, there were some horrid situations last year. But of most of those occurences, I would not like to rekindle them on my site.
Δ ηχώ
12 JAN 13

Seriously of all the bad things that happened last year, you posted only 2 items on your Humanity page? Well, besides the EOT item, then its only 1 post!
[Reagan's response]EOT?
07 JAN 13

Christie. . .Reagan (dude with a chick's name?), where'd you get the banner style for your CGAWS/CPC posters?
[Reagan's response]That is one of CSP's styles, which I believe is now in the "Bundle 01" pack.
04 JAN 13

Jitka a Kristina, děkuji dámy za pomoc abych se dozvědět zdvihu účinek v PE!
28 DEC 12

I looked @ ur clickurious pg - very ironic might I tell u - & I have to ask why you considered Hunch a search engine? Hell, Bi*g can do a better job than that site, & we can even personalize it! I say u lost a few points on that one, babe. Cheers!
[Reagan's response]Umm, I never knew I was gaining/losing points with what I have here, but thanks for letting me know. Great, just another stat I need to keep track of!
23 DEC 12

Thank you a lot. Usefull contributions! & funny end of the world comments!
[Reagan's response]Many thanks, Célestine!
21 DEC 12

Worst apocalypse ever!!!! I am still here with no zombies.
[Reagan's response]Rotflmfao! Your comment just made my day! Hang tight, earlier I was told it would be at 5:21...but absolutely no idea on which time zone.
18 DEC 12

Hi, i am searching for custom shapes (PE9) with only the outlines of a country/land. I wanna use it for my photobooks and it must be possible to place it on the sides where ever i want over the photos, so that only the border is seen and in the backround the photo. Do you know where i can get it? Thanks
[Reagan's response]Jutta:

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with PE9, but are you able to load the shapes I have made with that program? If so, you should be able to apply a stroke to them (I would suggest center), and then adjust the layer's fill to zero...resulting in a stroked country shape. Something like this here...

your picture is perfect and that what i need - my problem is the way to do it in Photoshop Elements 9, because i only can download custom shapes which are full filled. If i work like you tell me, the backround is white and not clear to see my photos. I will try it again ....

[Reagan's response]Jutta:

I thought about another solution that might work for you.

Here is the initial setting with green feet over the sky. As you can see, the feet are solid, and they also have a green stroke.

But if I adjust the layer's visibility setting to darken, now only the stroke is visible.

11 DEC 12

Who designed the Air Combat Command Patch? They did a shabby job on the text's alignment!!
[Reagan's response]I take zero claim on that note...probably someone from AFRC/HO for all I know.
05 DEC 12

I found your Last of the Bombardiers works, & I have to ask what font did you use for the poem?
[Reagan's response]Actually, B01551-54, I used two fonts. I know these names probably do not help much, but they are: GothicI; and GothicG. Where I got them from is beyond me.
28 NOV 12

R you sure u didn't fake ur clickurious img? I've seen other "Google searches" that were obviously fake.
[Reagan's response]Fragmat!c, I know what you mean as I created one of those three years ago or so. (However, I have to say mine was done well enough to appear as a valid search in my opinion!) As for the clickurious img, if you google that term, you see my site as a primary target because I am pretty much the only one using that word online as of now. And no, it was not a fabricated img!
15 NOV 12

Christie, where'd you get/hear that quote about pedestrians being quick or dead in downtown? That was hella funny!
[Reagan's response]I got that from a friend back during high school. I was flipping through some class notes from those days a few years ago, and when I saw that, I knew I had to put it on here.
Hook'em Horns
03 NOV 12

Yeah, "Christie" sweet hand shapes! And I'm amazed you used the UT symbol instead of former prez George W. Bush for that particular sample! Because aren't you down in TX?
[Reagan's response]Sadly, I figured I would get more credit/appreciation if I selected UT vs. the former commander in chief.
The Devious Queen
02 NOV 12

Oh u're just a bad ass now!
The Devious Queen
31 OCT 12

Happy Haloween, Christie! And it must be stated here, great job on ur hand signals & via the pen custom shapes cuz those r THE BOMB! (Much like ur nuke material! )
[Reagan's response]Thanks for your comment, Devious Queen...and it is All Hallow's Eve if you ask me.
29 OCT 12

"Christie", thanx 4 making that F-16 fighter pilot background b/c now my mobile is m-f'n awesome!! It totally took it up a notch or two if you ask me. ;p And we can't wait 2 get into ur AF custom shapes set too. Those are going to be a great addition & we'll make great stuff w/ them. Gr8 work!
[Reagan's response]Glad to hear about it, Wingman-307-1!
23 OCT 12

Reagan voi vuole essere donna? Credo che voi sarebbe un donna molto magnifico! Andare per esso!!
[Reagan's response]Sandro, if I understood that correctly...thank you.
16 OCT 12

u go girl!
[Reagan's response]Hmm, okay! Thanks, XtremoJill.
15 OCT 12

can u do me a favor & do a 2560px by 1600px version of that 2nd Discovery shot?
[Reagan's response]Sure, consider it done, Gig_tech!
12 OCT 12

Damn you Reagan, err Christie! Since I downloaded that 'Golden Chocolate' PS style last month, I've gained 31⅝³ lbs!! You need to be paying for my gym membership!
[Reagan's response]Ha! Sure, come and blame me for your ficticious problem.
08 OCT 12

I like the way u programmed ur site...It's fun....It's simple.....It's awesome......It's cool. Great job girl!
[Reagan's response]Thanks for your comment, chipmunk!
04 OCT 12

Hey, congrats for all of ur Cutco sales!! I did some work w/ them while in college 2 but I'm glad I got out b4 b/c the tax info woulda killed me!!! How far along r u on the sales goal now? I'd assume somewhere in the 50-60k range by the loox of ur 1st 3 months there.
got some good knives out of it though that's 4 sure!!
[Reagan's response]I hear you regarding the tax return because I did not like that time of year while I was actively demonstrating their [Cucto] products. As for sales, I believe I hit $35,000. And although I never officially signed my name off of their list, I imagine I could get out there and perform some work for them if needed.
tOmcat driver
29 SEP 12

Looking at the poster u did 4 that Major Lionberger guy, it looks like he was a rough candidate with his car! And tell me ya'll were joking with the black/checkered flag!
[Reagan's response]Yes, from what I heard, Maj Lionberger and his team had some fun times on the track. I never saw any of it, but I guess you can say they enjoyed their time out there regardless of what the finishing flag was.
24 SEP 12

Doesnt that Dr. Grazie person know that asking a dinosaur a question would lead 2 ur own death?
[Reagan's response]Well, I think the obvious solution would be to carry a big, b-i-g stick. And maybe some pepper spray to play it safe.
Angie Johnson
18 SEP 12

Reagan, or Christie... which do you go by or prefer? I spotted your crop circle custom shapes, which are fantabulous by the Way, and I also have Obsidian Dawn's crop circle brushes. You two did an amazing job on these! Did you work together or anything on them?
[Reagan's response]Angie, thanks for your feedback on the custom shapes. Actually, we created the brushes/shapes at the same time (though I believe I added a few more pieces to mine afterward), and I stopped working on that set when I realized we could be using the same crop circles. I have not ventured into her brush set yet, but maybe I will take a peek one of these days.

BTW, whichever floats you boat!
Lisa Lea
12 SEP 12

Hats off to you for your September 11 design. It's very clean & elegant >>> a remarkable piece at that.
[Reagan's response]Thank you very much for your thoughtful words, Lisa.
10 SEP 12

See, and no comment from the grrl herself!
[Reagan's response]I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, and as long as your post does not cross the line for me, I will put it up. I have seen a few that were pure garbage; therefore, they never saw the light of day.
06 SEP 12

@guppywazoo, I dont think so I'd pin her sissy arms down & treat her like the grrl she really is.
05 SEP 12

I'd watch it if I were u...Reagan's gonna come bust ur chops open with those muscles he's got!
[Reagan's response] Okay, maybe not so much.
04 SEP 12

Ooops, looks like u fucked up on 1 of ur designs ~ the 1 of u holding the planet ~ ur shadow below ur arm is still visible. & there is a black splotch by ur name/date.
[Reagan's response]Oh, come on! That was designed for a course back in '03. I was still learning the ins and outs of Photoshop, and that was probably one of the first times I used the gradient mask effect as far as I can recall. Although the shadow and the splotch (anti-matter for all I know) are visible, I still got an A for the course and that particular assignment, if I remember correctly.
02 SEP 12

@0Point0, i can attest that those spam emails are legitamite as i've been getting some myself. Those bastards need to die!
30 AUG 12

Where'd u get that love style 4 ur 2nd hand shapes set?
[Reagan's response]Kimmy, take a look at Kappy Penner's "Lots of Love" submission »
28 AUG 12

Reagan, ur hair was gorgeous back in 98! What'd u do to it now?
[Reagan's response]Thank you much, Holly. I know I do not have any recent pictures up, but now my hair is probably just a little more than twice as long as it was back in '98. I have been growing it out for a donation...and there is a woman behind these green eyes, too.
23 AUG 12

i contest th@ thoze e-mail's u've got listed r phonie!
[Reagan's response]Negative, those are listed correctly as I did receive something bogus from each one. Contact the FTC to see if you can get your hands on the ones I have sent so far.
18 AUG 12

Hey, Reagan. I came 2 your site out of boredom, & I have 2 admit that I was moderately impressed w/ what all of u have on here. But I must add that I'm surprised, maybe a little disheartened, that u didn't include anything about the recent string of shootings on your humanity page. I say that b/c I finally watched my DVR recording of Boy Interrupted this morning, & your humanity page triggered me to open up about it.
I normally keep to myself on-line b/c I don't want people 2 track me down & find what all I do, but I think this little page of yours (literally/ironically!) is a good avenue to open up for once.

What is it that causes someone to snap & perform such an act of violence upon another person? That, I may never know (honestly hope not) but I can't fathom the inexplicable feelings those people must be going through. To open fire amongst a pleasant movie-going crowd, or to open fire at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin & kill people who are attending their church of faith. And then the other shootings in College Station & down in Louisiana, too. I am not a gun owner, but if I ever do I'm going to do my best to make sure there's a valid reason for me to pull it up & be aiming at something.
[Reagan's response]Ashley, thanks for taking the opportunity to share your feelings. Surely there are other sites out there with more ppl to talk to about this kind of stuff.

I know this was a small step as I feel the same as you do on the 'Net, but I am certain you will jump in somewhere and become one within their community.
13 AUG 12

I got ur compass brushes 4ever ago & everytime I look at that 4th one, Halo keeps coming to mind. I dont know why that happens but that game pwnz!
[Reagan's response]Ha! You know what the ironic thing is, MishaSubaka? Halo came to my mind at some point, too! I used to play that game while at college, so maybe there was something latent that influenced me to make that particular brush?
28 JUL 12

Looking back at ur prev comment don't go all Mr. Rogers on us Reagan!
[Reagan's response]I had zero intentions of doing that, esteric, so let's just say I will stay on the safe side of the tracks.
23 JUL 12

Pardon me 4 being a complete DB Reagan (by taking so long 2 respond), but thanks 4 making the bigger wallpaper 4 me. That's absolute greatness imo!
[Reagan's response]No worries on my end, Cheree. I can see that a couple other people have downloaded it as well, so it is all good in the neighbourhood.
07 JUL 12

Ur a nut, u know that?!
[Reagan's response]'Eh, thanks for pointing out the obvious...
03 JUL 12

Spanks 4 all of ur work in photoshop, babe! How long does it take u 2 make these files?
[Reagan's response]No problem, Meffer. Hmm, how to answer this question depends on what I am designing!
24 JUN 12

What in the bloody hell was AlpheccaXpress talking about?
[Reagan's response]AlpheccaXpress was referring to Bo Burnham's quote.
17 JUN 12

I don't know you - you don't know me. Friend? Hardly even a chance.
[Reagan's response]Whatever floats your boat, AlpheccaXpress. But sure is nice of you to visit again!
13 JUN 12

Bo's sentence spend unlike time sense, figuring make you what . out this too does actually ... if unless am much I one saying
[Reagan's response]Alphecca, that is a clever response! I had to sit there for a moment to figure out that you actually did have a valid statement. Well done, my friend!
29 MAY 12

Thx 4 ur help & uploads 2 the Studio Exchange. I learnt alot from ur worx.
[Reagan's response]No problem, (V)a++!u$!
20 MAY 12

I ♥♥♥ ur custom shapes! Thank u, thank u, thank u for all that u've done - its saved me an azz load of time!
[Reagan's response]Whatever I can do to help. And many thanks for your feedback, DarkFlower!
19 MAY 12

Great, u made something for us all to nuke. . . a whole metropolitan town!
[Reagan's response]Ironically, that thought did not come to mind for me until well after the fact. And to be honest about it, I snagged the scenes for the scape shapes back in '09, so that one is definitely the longest undertaking of a design concept for me! The nuke material...that was just a spur of the moment idea last July.
emily p
08 MAY 12

Why don't you have any recent party pics up? Two of them were pretty good but there's more to see, right?
[Reagan's response]'Eh, I am going to have to say unfortunately, no. The bar I was shooting for was open for about a year, and they had to close down for financial reasons...or something along those lines. I might get out there sooner or later and re-establish myself as a freelance photographer. Keep your fingers crossed for me, Emily!
24 APR 12

Thx 4 makin' the jolly greens shapes! We wanted 2 put them on a design 4 our unit but the copies we got from the web were bland. Urs rocks like hell man!
[Reagan's response]Sweet, glad you found these shapes and were able to make use of them!
22 APR 12

Did u 4get about ur humanity post on 01 23 10? That 1 rel8s 2 ur post from yesterday
[Reagan's response]Thanks for the reminder, Alloramadai! So, it seems we are well below the toilet bowl rim at this point...
G Sabine
19 APR 12

By ur statement for that chicks pic "stands out by far as my favorite" is that a hidden sexual innuendo in there?
[Reagan's response] Nice catch! However, no, there is no intentional/hidden innuendo on that note. I also used that same statement for one of my business card designs...
09 APR 12

Wow, I cannot thank you enough for the new Pentagon shape! I was going 2 bug u about it again, but I see you posted it yesterday. Still good timing for me as my report on the Pentagon is due this Friday!
And how did you get it to turn out so well? I tried w/ the pic behind it 2, but the angles did not look correct to me at all.
[Reagan's response]Josephine, glad I could help. And needless to say, I got busy with more than expected, and I used Illustrator to create the shape. It sure is better than what my PS (alone) result would have looked like! Yeah, and I adjusted the angles a bit to make it look more geometric again.
08 APR 12

¡ʞɔnl pooƃ

˙2 zʞɹoʍ lɯʇɥ˙dılɟ/ɯoɔ˙pɐɟʌǝɹ˙ʍʍʍ ɹo ndɾɐʇɔpɐ ɟo ʎdoɔ plo uɐ ǝsn uɐɔ n ʇxʇ ƃuıddɾlɟ ʇnopɐ ʍouʞ ʇ,pıp n ɟı 'uɐƃɐǝɹ
[Reagan's response]Yeah, I found out about ndɾɐʇɔpɐ, but thanks for sharing that link, too, James.
J Nordbury
18 MAR 12

Reagan, I suck at Photoshop, & tremendously so. Can you do me a favor & design a pentagon shape with it's 3 other rings? BTW your other shapes are great!
[Reagan's response]Sure, Nordbury. Give me a few days as I am working on a few things here, and I will upload it for all to use.

Hey, practice makes perfect, so keep working in PS, and you will master it eventually.
17 MAR 12

That's a w!cked cool method of incorporating the wing patches into ur latest CPC poster. W/ the advancement of Photoshop I have no doubt the next 1 will obliterate its successors!

LOL! I'll be waiting 4 ur response via ESP & u best not tinker w/ my extravagant belongings!
[Reagan's response]Thanks for your comment about the poster. And the unfortunate news about the upcoming CPC event is that I will most likely not have my job on base due to the NAF reorg. Hopefully something will come up for me to where I can stay on base, but there are no promises as of yet. Oops, and I swear I am not the one who knocked over your fabergé eggs, nor did I take the $100 bills lying around.
08 MAR 12

You're still using a D-60? Grow up & get a real camera!
[Reagan's response]I will get something better eventually. I took notice to the Lytro cameras back when they were testing them, but I missed out on getting one early. Patience is a virtue as better things do come forward!
04 MAR 12

˙sǝʇonb ɟo uoıʇɔǝlloɔ pooƃ puɐ 'uɐƃɐǝɹ ǝʇıs looɔ 'ʎǝɥ
[Reagan's response]Wow, ¡Needaname! («Clever name!) How in the world did you do that?
25 FEB 12

I agree with Marila about your crop circle shapes, very good job - even on the rest of your contributions, too.
[Reagan's response]Thank you much, Serna!
18 FEB 12

Dziękuję tak dużo Reagana dla upraw okręgu kształty zwyczaju!
15 FEB 12

Reagan, do u mind enlarging one of ur wallpaper backgrounds? I really like the hallway scene, but I dislike how disproportionate it is w/ my new monitors' resolution. Thx for ur help!
[Reagan's response]Sure, let me see if I can work with some of my magic.
Capt F. Cook
06 FEB 12

What type of pen or effect did u use to create the stroke effect surrounding the 76 FS patch?
[Reagan's response]Capt Cook:
When I received the file, I did look around for something similar to that effect. When I asked them about it though, they wanted it to be the original border. So I scanned it in, and I live-traced the layers individually. Then I tossed in the colours, and wrapped it all up for them.
27 JAN 12

I'm sure you realized that there is only one Eagle (or Viper to be politically correct) on SMSgt Shelton's pic, right? Why not have it read, 'Soar with Eagles and Thuds?' :) But must say good job to have him leaning on his rank. Thats tight, Skippy!
[Reagan's response]Yeah, we knew what we were doing when we created the scene...I guess you can say we were not expecting anyone to be obscenely OCD about it. Thanks for your second comment, Dexter!
18 JAN 12

Although ur fisheye picture isn't blended to 100% perfection how'd u get the lighting 2 look so vivid?
[Reagan's response]As for the lighting, that would be due to the HDR settings I selected. And another issue I had with it is that I had to adjust the overall lighting of the bar scene because that particular shot was darker than the three other imgs. And oddly, the dance floor looked legit when I merged the non-HDR pictures together.
07 JAN 12

I like your gif animations on yur downloads pg but i hafta ask how'd u make the crop circle animation run so smoothly?! how long did it take u 2 place each layer for each frame?
[Reagan's response]I am going to assume you are fairly new to the Adobe scene or at least for ImageReady? (I believe you can do animation in PS CS4+, but I have not tinkered with that option at all.) Anyway, I placed each layer appropriately via PS prior to my crop circles animation file, but I used the tween method in ImageReady, which is just like animating in Flash. Hopefully that will get you started and off to making superb gif creations, ceras94_0101!
27 DEC 11

As for the failed doomsday prophecies you forgot to mention these as well >>,,
And then the Top 10 list,
[Reagan's response]Wow, I did not think to look back on how many claims there have been! It is kind of funny when you take a step back and look at the big picture!
15 DEC 11

Reagan, what font did you use for your chocolate preview, or did you go & break it apart?
[Reagan's response]If I had that much time to dismantle a font... The font used in that sample is Uptown.
30 NOV 11

Do you happen to know who actually made the quote about us taking a step back in human respect every time technology advances? I think that statement is so very true.
[Reagan's response]I am sorry, but I have no idea who coined that phrase. It was posted over here on CNN's site, and unfortunately the individual did not insert his/her name appropriately. Agreed 110% about the statement though.
[3ÈN Umit
29 NOV 11

What was the joke Daniel Tosh made about wearing bracelets? His statement was true, but i bet the joke makes it hella gut busting funny!
[Reagan's response]Found it from google, Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious. Take your pick on your final statement.
24 NOV 11

I read your comment about dogs respecting a person if u get to know them. If you missed it, this Chinese guy must've had a great relationship with his pet!
[Reagan's response]Yeah, I saw that while at work yesterday, too. It reminded me of the U.S. Marine (if I remember correctly) whose dog did the same thing.
18 NOV 11

How do you know the world is not going to end on December 21, 2012?
[Reagan's response]Might I remind you of Y2K when all of the computers were going to be doomed because of the date function. Yet, what happened then? Also, there was that other doomsday prophecy for 21 MAY 11 (and 21 OCT 11), we are. Did we miss something?
13 NOV 11

Ironically, I visited Webster's site a few weeks ago, and I watched a clip about getting words into the dictionary. I predict your attempt with "Clickurious" will be an epic fail.
[Reagan's response]Everything is an uphill battle when it starts off, but maybe...just maybe it will hit mainstream one of these days.
10 NOV 11

Thats gotta b ubercool 2 c ur work making it's rounds through other designs & such, like ur 'Central Recruiting Squadron' patch on that guy's farewell poster.
[Reagan's response]I can say it definitely helps! And that one was designed for their shirts as well, so you can say by now it has gone well above and beyond its original scope.
05 NOV 11

Is that ur sense of sarcasm calling urself darke but having a bright and cheery ad?
[Reagan's response]Negative, there was no sarcasm involved on that note as the group name was an acronym from our names.
Cajun Johnson
01 NOV 11

The metallic CPC '11 banner looks wicked cool! How'd u make that 1?
[Reagan's response]Thank you, Cajun Johnson! I looked at the work I did back in 2005 for inspiration, and basically I copied the layout from a framed picture in one of our offices. Then I used one of Giallo_1986's "Ultimate Silver Chromed Metal Layer Styles" to top it off.
29 OCT 11

@lille_weasel - Agreed, but I think if he'd added "Dirty money schemes", and "Depends on the nutcase who made it up" those would be high rankers as well!
22 OCT 11

Good choice selections 4 ur poll but wouldve been 10x better had this choice been added
"Concepts created by ppl w/ super imaginations who really should b locked in a cell 4 the worlds safety".
That 1 would b @ 100%!
[Reagan's response]I think that goes beyond the character limit for the options, but good idea!
17 OCT 11

For your farewell pkg, I see what appears 2 be a chair & a missle underneath it? I guess the camera's in the chair?
[Reagan's response]Ha! I never thought anyone would ask or at least pay enough attention to that photo. Correct, the camera is in the chair because when I took one picture myself (with me in the reflection) I looked at it and immediately thought, "No, that is not going to work." As for the chair and missle, I did not have time to rearrange the room I was in prior to taking the shot.
13 OCT 11

No i think i've got it now! Working on a school project & I hope my teacher likes this! Oh & I did use a diffrent img map then urs so u dont need to send ur lawyers after me. Thx!
[Reagan's response]Oh, that is cool. Hopefully you will get a good grade and ace that class!
12 OCT 11

Hello! I looked @ ur code 4 the donation banner, & im confused how u made it work? I see the spacer.gif which turns out to be a blank image & the css img is below that 1. (I thought it was all one pic @ 1st!)
[Reagan's response]Interesting! Well, let me see if I can help out a bit. Yes, each item is its own entity up there, and I used img map properties for a couple of them. As for the charityusabanner, I gave it the blank background for fun, but it runs the .png file via the CSS as well. That is where those img maps take part for each charity. And I also used z-index to make sure it goes behind the yellow sticky note. Does that help you out, or need I explain further?
09 OCT 11

I find it odd that ur crop cirlce shapes set is only 15 pieces, yet it's the same size as ur via the pen set that has 84 pieces!
[Reagan's response]Obviously that is due to the size of the original elements created for each file. And both are bound to expand in the future when I make more additions to each one.
01 OCT 11

Ha Ha! U got me busted man!
30 SEP 11

I couldn't help but notice there appears to be a different patch on the "flipside" business card, but the farewell package has something else >> over on the left side. It looks like that is a busy card to me; elegant, yes, but a little busy.
[Reagan's response]Might I comment on the ever-changing ways of the USAF? The 917 W became the 307 BW, so of course I had to reflect that on the new card. And as long as the client is happy, nothing can beat that...right?
26 SEP 11

I got all excited thinking that was a pot leaf @ first but then i saw all the other donation links on that banner.
[Reagan's response]Something tells me you have either recently gotten buzzed, or you have done it a bit too much. Probably a little from "Column A" and a little from "Column B?"
23 SEP 11

those bastards at & oin.oin2+etc spammed the hell outta me 4 months on end. if I'd kept any of those emails I'd let you know which ones to ad b/c i think I got a couple more then u did!
[Reagan's response]Thanks for the offer, but I prefer to steer clear of anyone else's spam because I am not interested with it hitting my inbox/spam folder.
19 SEP 11

Thx 4 ur recent uploads @ ASE. ^_^
[Reagan's response]Sure, no problem, koomla!
Francis L.
17 SEP 11

How'd that "unknown" person get a text from his girlfriend in the year 2016? Last time I checked it's still 2011 in my calendar!
[Reagan's response]There was an article from CNN [in 2010] about some Microsoft cell phones that had an issue with the year, and they were coming from the year 2016 instead of 2010.
12 SEP 11

I followed a link to your site from the Adobe Exchange yesterday and I was very impressed with your tribute to September 11. That was a very thoughtful piece you put together, and I am sure others would appreciate getting their hands on it.
Thank you.
[Reagan's response]Many thanks for your kind words, Martha. It was actually something I designed for work and is included in my e-folio [under Illustrator]. If anyone wants to touch the document, here it is.
08 SEP 11

I saw th@ quote by Ralph Strangis about it being impossible 2 dribble a football 2 wich I have 2 comment that its' also impossible 2 walk on the sun!
[Reagan's response]You may have point there, Fabian!
04 SEP 11

Hmmm Reagan, Skippy, Reaganator, Skippinator, or whatever you wanna be called! On your Operations' farewell pic how did you get the AFRC badge to blend in so well with the background?
[Reagan's response]I have one other name that I have not mentioned here yet, so it is whatever floats your boat. (Or in this instance, flies in your sky!) I used a sky gradient that I picked up long ago from the ASX (Chris S. Potter's, which unfortunately is no longer available there) and I applied the same gradient to the AFRC patch with a "soft light" blend mode. And as you should be able to tell, I dropped the opacity quite a bit as well.
27 AUG 11

To play off Bart's response, ur humanity page (+ ur poll as well) makes me want 2 listen to that old yet great song by the B52's "Its The End Of The Wolrd As We Know It, & I Feel Fine!"
23 AUG 11

Looks like your photoshop custom shape of the Pentagon came in handy for your Illustrator Sept 11, 2001 collage?
[Reagan's response]Good catch, cookies! When it was suggested for me to put a regular pentagon shape in there, I immediately thought to myself, "No, I have something else you might prefer instead."
18 AUG 11

If that's ur hadnwriting in that custom shape set mentioned previously wouldn't u be worried about people scamming u? I would be if I were u!
[Reagan's response]I am not worried about that as the letters [of mine] that I selected are unique for that csh set. And printer ink is a tell-tale sign of where the supposed document originated from in my opinion.
17 AUG 11

I could not help but notice the Picasso quote on your site. How come you have White Zombie marked out on it too?
[Reagan's response]That would be because many years ago I saw it on one of the White Zombie album covers, and it stuck with me ever since. However, I eventually saw it was quoted by Picasso, so after verifying it via Google, I had to correctly attribute it to him.
08 AUG 11

I saw Jeff Salz's quote on ur quotes page, & I remembered seeing that Apocolypse Island show! That program was a complete waste if u ask me & I'm amazed that u thought his comment was worth putting up.
[Reagan's response]Agreed about that episode. If anyone does a google search, there is an inhabited island not far from where that particular location is, and the way they put the story together was pathetic at most. Hey, it will be a good statement to read again in 2013 and beyond!
04 AUG 11

I'm a little confused - okay, no really confused! I like how you did the beams of light 4 your September 11 file but how'd you get the layers 2 be gradient overlayed vertically and horizontally?
[Reagan's response]Oh, that one is the light field layers are the horizontal gradients, I tossed in a black layer above them with the vertical gradient. Pretty simple, right?
C. D. Matthews
30 JUL 11

You know, Mr. Colbert was right about newspapers fading into oblivion. I used to enjoy reading them, finding out what all was going on in a matter of seconds from looking at the first paragraph or two, but now they have become worthless sagas. They're following the television method of delivering their content, and my satisfaction level dropped significantly. My subscription ended last month, and I'm thrilled do be done with it!
[Reagan's response]Those are the exact same sentiments from my grandmother, though I believe her subscription is still active.
23 JUL 11

Howd u get th padded feild 2 appear n the crop O prevu?
[Reagan's response]I know I could have gone without the colour overlay, but I stuck that in there with a "hard light" blend mode. As for the padded field effect, I used the stucco pattern overlay, which I scaled down to 5%. And that percentage will vary depending on how close your field is to view. Okay, to make this easy here be the style for you to download! As the final note, I tossed in some other good colour combinations for the field.
19 JUL 11

something tells me that Seal Team 6 didnt use those old fashioned guns to kill Osama!
[Reagan's response]Good one, pleth!
15 JUL 11

Wow all I can say is wow. Your humanity page really made a sore spot for me (minus the support for Japan info and the chihuahua story of course). I thought us humans were doing all sorts of great things around this world - surely I know there are instances that aren't favorable - but the degree that some of those things are really makes me cringe. Are we really that callous & uncaring? I think I'm going to start making an extra effort to make improvements where I'm @ so I can be a benefit to others instead of some sleazeball douchebag. And I hope others do likewise.
[Reagan's response]I guess the good news is that you will not be featured on my humanity page, Bartholomew! I encourage you to do what you can, and I am sure others will follow your lead.
02 JUL 11

The 'Via The Pen' shapes are nice but will you ever make some lower case letters?
[Reagan's response]I have had that idea on my board for who knows how long, but I finally managed to gather some good lower case letters not too long ago. Definitely take a look again in the next few weeks as I can assure you they will be uploaded in the near future.
30 JUN 11

I like ur 4th of July party invitation but I think it would've looked even better if you'd faded the words in upon their entrance. Great work on your other "e-folio" items, & I also agree with s!n¡qu!ty about the September 11th pdf as that 1 hits the spot in my opinion.
[Reagan's response]Many thanks, Ruby! Actually, I eventually figured out how to do the fade in, thanks to, but that was many a many of moons after the party.
27 JUN 11

. . .wants to know where in the world is carmen san diego. . .
[Reagan's response]Personally, I am not sure, but have you checked Google yet?
18 JUN 11

Hey Reaganator
as for your reply on May 22 last year why didn't you say "Ctrl + J" instead of copy & paste? That is the easier method if you ask me!
[Reagan's response]True, that keystroke is easier, but I was thinking of how it was done at that time...and I would bet most likely I did the ctrl+c/+v method instead of ctrl+j.
10 JUN 11

whats the deal man? do you not care for those with autism or
[Reagan's response]I noticed they started that one a few days ago, but I have had little to no time to update the charityusa banner or put it on my links page. But I can promise you those will be done soon.
06 JUN 11

Speaking of your bulletin board so much, don't you think it is time to take down the Osama bin Laden plaque? I mean its cool & all, but he's dead now.
Unless if you happen to be a stupid deather
[Reagan's response]I have two ideas in mind for a replacement, and I want to at least work on one of them as it will take me some time to do it. And although he is no longer breathing air on this planet, I think the devastation he caused is reason enough to keep it there for a little bit longer. Your 02¢ is appreciated.
04 JUN 11

regarding my last comment, i was actually referring 2 the bulletinboard ~ u know ~ ur site's background?
[Reagan's response]Ah, I see. Correction made!
30 MAY 11

tu 4 sharing the info about Arlinton Hall or as u called it A-Hall. i'm going there, & i can't wait to stay there. that dorm is huge & amazing!
[Reagan's response]Sure, no problem, Jamie. Enjoy your time there! (One slight correction for you though - it is a residence hall, not a dorm.)
22 MAY 11

i saw ur comment @ the adobe studio exchange for ur pentagon shape & ur last line was funny shit!
[Reagan's response]Yeah, I talked to one of the members of the Pentagon about that when I made the shape. She got a kick out of it, too.
19 MAY 11

If this is you who made the comment @ the Red River Paper site about getting the sheets to print w/ the Stylus R340... TYSM for sharing that info!
[Reagan's response]Hey, no problem! I guess you are using the 5x7 or 4x6? I have also used the 8.5x11, and that seems to go through a heck of a lot easier than the 5x7 sheet!
Allison B
08 MAY 11

Im going 2b going 2 college next year, & I was thinking of going 2 UTA.... & I nearly died LOLing when I saw u call them UT Almost! Im stuck btwn TCC & UTA.
[Reagan's response]You mean Texas College for Champions or the former Harvard on the Highway? UTA was a good place to go, and I enjoyed my experiences there. If you can, definitely check out Arlington or Kalpana Chawla Hall, though I am sure the quality of A-Hall has decreased over the years. And the apartments are pretty good, too - Arbor Oaks and Meadow Run are definitely worth looking at. Best of luck with your college venture, Allison!
03 MAY 11

I know you were trying to be helpful with the info about Japan on your humanity page, but don't you think it would've been better if it'd been placed on the bulletin board instead?
[Reagan's response]All I can say is that great minds think alike. I thought about that afterwards, and I will definitely do that next time something of that nature occurs. Thanks for the suggestion, wishuponyou!
25 APR 11

Your September 11 images are good. The Photoshop one is decent, but the Illustrator verion it totally encompasses everything. The way you put it together is utterly amazing.
[Reagan's response]Thank you much, s!n¡qu!ty. Yeah, when it was mentioned to include 09.11 in the frame, I was sitting there thinking, "What is a good, iconic symbol for that tragedy?" I hit Google, and that shot seemed to highlight it for me. As for my Photoshop version, that was literally like a day or two after it happened.
22 APR 11

i guess thx 2 #Ashley & u 4 pointing out the donation links but y dont u use imgs 4 the other sites 2?
[Reagan's response]Okay, okay...I will make imgs for them, too, all due to your peer pressure of course.
15 APR 11

wOw, lot's and lot's of spammer e mailz! I remmeber quite a few of those 2 like opmnetwork.neT. I started my collectoin a couple months ago. . .wanna share?
[Reagan's response]'Eh, no thanks.
14 APR 11

Hey Reagan, I noticed the quotes you have about the Red Cross & then I remembered you had the Red Cross noted for supporting the Japanese people on your humanity page. Isn't that a little bit ironic there?
[Reagan's response]Honestly, I did not want to include the RC specifically for that reason [their aid to injured Taliban members], but I figured there are others out there who are not aware of that and may have more trust in donating to them rather than another organization. I wanted there to be equal opportunity for the Japanese to get help.
04 APR 11

Holy shit that waitress is friggin' HOT!!! Can u tell me where she works so I can c her irl?
[Reagan's response]No joke about that! Good for you to ask, but that is an easy negative response.
28 MAR 11

Jack Mayberry's democratic quote could not be more correct for our time!!!!
Bobby Rosenwald
19 MAR 11

Why'd you shoot that pinscher picture with a Nikkor 55-200 lens? IMHO, you could've gotten an even better shot w/ a NIKKOR 35mm & a Tiffen filter or even the 60mm. Still looks good, but could've been better. Kudos on the photo vignette shot though, & nice way to hide the baby's bottle - I bet the mother'll cherish that photograph for years to come.
[Reagan's response]When I went outside, I was expecting Petie to be walking off in the distance, hence the reason why I had that lens loaded. But as he came around to my area I was about to swap to my 18-55 lens (the only other lens I had at that time), and when I looked up and saw him like that, I knew I had to take it regardless of my camera's lens. Thanks for your compliment!
12 MAR 11

Is there a tutorial or something that helped u create that cpc 2009 banner?
[Reagan's response]Negative, I made a few vector shapes and applied a metallic style to each one. You might be able to get a little help over at the ASX, though that banner is slightly different.
03 MAR 11

I <3 the detail in your miniature pinscher picture! One can see the shadows so well from the sun but the puppy's face is bright and shiny (well, not shiny, shiny but u get my point!). Luuv it!
[Reagan's response]Thanks be to Nikon and the fact that I did not have time to swap lenses!
01 MAR 11

is about all I can say.. but ur response methods r extrinsically amusing.
[Reagan's response]Hey, that counts for something, right? Glad to see you could make use of one of them!
24 FEB 11

No, I just like the word fuck. Shit, I love watching that fucking video!
16 FEB 11

Where in the freaking hell did u find a photo of the Hollywood sign & a FED Ex aircraft landing behind it?!?! Or is that 1 of ur photoshop specialties? Not sure if I understand the pumpkin there man.....
[Reagan's response]Affirmative, it was Photoshopped! As for the pumpkin and the shar pei, those came by special request from a couple of his friends.
10 FEB 11

Hey Reaganator what font'd u use on that air force farewell poster? & obvsiouly I'm asking about the farewell font not the dude's name!
Thx N advance!
[Reagan's response]Actually, I used two fonts - "F" is Mutlu__Ornamental and "arewell" is OliveOil. And for future reference, What the Font may be useful for you. FYI, I have also used those two fonts together on a couple other designs, as they do work well in unison!
07 FEB 11

As 4 ur humanity comment on May 26 did u 4get 2 add ur statement of confusion -- what the FUCK?
[Reagan's response]I probably would have continued with something along those lines. Sounds like you recently saw the meaning of fuck?
02 FEB 11

I think ur polls question should be 'When we encounter a superior species' b/c meeting them is kinda like, 'Hey, how r u?' 'Im fine.' 'Yadda, yadda, yadda.' U gave some great options to select from tho
[Reagan's response]Point well taken. I will definitely think a little more before I post the next poll.
30 JAN 11

You said there weren't any results for clickurious, but your screen-shot clearly shows 2 links. How can you say none with 2 in view?
[Reagan's response]If I remember correctly and by looking at it, those two results were for the "click furious," not actually "clickurious." BTW, clever nickname if your intent is blue!
27 JAN 11

How come u put Mrs. Ripley's quote in the funny category? That makes no sense 2 me.
[Reagan's response]True that it is not joke-worthy material. I just thought that had the pilot wanted to do anything bad to the aircraft and or passengers, he was the pilot...easy and simple from his standpoint. Making him sit when he had "business to do" seems excessively stupid in my opinion.
Jackie D.
18 JAN 11

Thankfully I don't need to sign in on your page like I would over at the site. Great job to Elizabeth Hughes for sticking through the technical difficulty, & I applaud the remainder of the crowd for giving her support! Tears came to my eyes on that 1!!
13 JAN 11

Hey Reagan, considering most of your news articles appear to be from CNN & your feedback regarding the church in Westboro, I'm surprised you haven't mentioned anything about Arizona's response to them yet >
[Reagan's response]You know what the funny thing is, Nicole? I was about to do that tonight as I have been swamped with various work projects lately, so good on you for making sure it gets recognition here!
07 JAN 11

good collection of downloads & quotes. the humanity page is kinda funny considering what all we're doing & i'm sure you'll have plenty more to add as time goes on. great work on the worl wide web!
[Reagan's response]Thanks for your feedback, bretin_ja! Will try to continue my progressive work on the w³ as I am able to do so.
18 DEC 10

Wow, that Reaper background sure is up close & personal!! At least I'm not going to be one of it's visitors! Thanks 4 submitting it 2 us!
[Reagan's response]Technically, thanks needs to go to SSgt Brian Ferguson for taking the picture; all I did was format it to fit the monitor.
13 DEC 10

Thx 4 posting the link about the Star Wars geek story. Makes me feel like my childhood was worth something back then.
[Reagan's response]More power to you.
12 DEC 10

How in the world do u update a list of over 6thousand spammer emails?! I imagine that would take alot of time 2 sort through & put everyone in place correctly!
[Reagan's response]Ha! I actually used to do it that way, but once I hit the 31-hundred mark (±), I realized that having PHP autosort the page would be a tremendously easier method! So, that is how I update it now.
09 DEC 10

i saw your humanity pg, and i laughed when i saw your post about december 21 2012. i just kinda thikn @ the rate weve been doing things here on earth that we'll probably beat it by a couple months.
[Reagan's response]Only time will tell...
30 NOV 10

How come you don't have any recent pictures up? You're so cute! Well minus the one of you & your friends in all o' that paint ball gear.
[Reagan's response]Thank you, Mariella, but the voices in my head tell me otherwise. You can say I am somewhat if not very critical, and when it comes to photography, I highly prefer to be the one behind the lens to capture the essence of the moment. Your 02¢ is appreciated though.
15 NOV 10

Wow that's a fast response and it looks like there are about 1,650 top-level domains in the bag! Also, I remember a couple of those from my old Netscape account - and the bunch - hence the reason why I banished that account.
[Reagan's response]That would be because I still had them stored on my machine, and the 11th was a holiday. You were close...there are 1,767 TLDs listed! I know that not all of them are spammer related (deleted a good number before uploading them again), but they were all used in spammer fashion when sent to me.
11 NOV 10

It looks like a lot of .INFO emails are listed. Are you poking around and snagging .INFO domains and tossing in an email address to it? And I would be interested in seeing the top-level domains you had if you do not mind.
[Reagan's response]Any and all spammer e-mails that I have listed were sent to my inbox. I never swipe them from anyone else's site because I do not know if their addresses are actual spam. The TLDs have been put back on the list per your request.
03 NOV 10

It was previously commented that you had 5000 spammer e-mails but now you have only 4199. Dr.j must be bad at math!
[Reagan's response]Actually, to give dr.j some credit, the collection used to include TLDs as well, but I eventually took them off and went with the e-m addresses only.
13 OCT 10

would I be able to get something similar to the 'Last of the Bombardiers' picture, but with some older patches instead?
[Reagan's response]Sure! Actually, I already did something for one person long ago...would the one at the bottom work for you?
Juan Diego
09 OCT 10

I noticed ur 2k9 cpc poster is missing that drone aircraft from the CGAWSS wallpaper. What givez?
[Reagan's response]I had everyone look at the CPC poster before it was done, and they all approved it; however, afterwards I learned that because 10 AF had recently [at that time] acquired the 940 W, we incorporated the Global Hawk as well. And it was agreed, or suggested really, that I should toss that one in there.
28 SEP 10

Spaking of ur quotes pg didjya start waching comedy central a few months ago, or sumthin?
[Reagan's response]Negative, I have been watching that channel for a number of years. I guess I started paying more attention to what I hear on TV these days.
20 SEP 10

Thanks for posting the links to The Hunger Site, The Animal Rescue Site, & The Rainforest Site, but why don't you have there other sites listed? Oh, & I added them all to my favorites!!
[Reagan's response]I added those three because number one: The Hunger Site started when I was in high school, and one of my teachers made a big push for us to go there. Number two: Animals are helpless as we dominate this tiny speck of dust, or aka our planet. Number three: The rainforests are not getting any better after what we have done here, and if these tiny contributions can add up, then hopefully the difference will be a major impact. As for the other sites, hey, at least I got you there! Tell you what though, I will add them to my links page. Will that suffice?
18 SEP 10

You have a good collection of quotes, definitely a few that I've not seen on other quotation sites. I will be back for more!
[Reagan's response]Cool beans, Jewelie! Thanks, and I will update it with other good ones as I take notice of them.
06 SEP 10

Hey Reagan - I stumbled upon your combat rescue officer image & I freaked when I noticed the gradient on the text across the bottom... I've got text on a circle path (its been sitting there for a couple of months actually) & I'm trying to get it to look the same. No not the same gradient but a gradient effect like yours. How did you do that!??! And I got a kick out of your name... Reaganator!
[Reagan's response]I recall posting a question about it over here, and I ended up figuring out the solution on my own. Maybe not the best or most resilient method, but it definitely got the job done!
02 SEP 10

You wrote a superb article for the Shorthorn paper, so good job on that. And you have a slew of witty comments in the other ones where you were quoted!
[Reagan's response]Yeah, I had my moments of glory.
29 JUL 10

Skippy, where'd you get all of the clipart from on the farewell image? And yes, it looks amazing but what is the one item at the bottom next to the 701 COS?
[Reagan's response]Thanks, HARM. Actually, there is zero clip-art on that img; I used real pictures from, sliced the aircraft and put a black layer on top. A little more time consuming...yes, but I would rather use the real deal vs. clip-art! As for the 701st, that is North Korea and South Korea with the 38th parallel highlighted.
10 JUL 10

whats the apparent blood splatter for on the golden chocolate preview for? I guess you might be a realy lousy cook!
[Reagan's response]I designed that style shortly after watching “300,” and I felt a sudden desire to have a little fun with it on that sample.
04 JUN 10

Skippy, you did a great job with the farewell package! I imagine those you work with appreciate your talent, so keep it up.
22 MAY 10

Whered u get the necklace from in the kreative productions file? Its absolutely sick! I need 2 learn how to do that myself.
[Reagan's response]I created one link in PS...had trouble at first with the bevel effect, but once I nailed that, the diamonds were a piece of cake to put in there. Then it was nothing more than ctrl+c/+v and mask the overlays.
14 JAN 10

Ur pen on the watch idea intrigued me, so i put on on my colbert wristband, but i have no idea how u can tolerate it. It bugs me way too much! and like how many times do you write on urself? i did it for a bit the other day, and it kept coming undone. Such a hassle!
[Reagan's response]I think I may have started with a Bic pen back in '01-and I have gone through a variety of them-but I can say that I like to use Uniball Jetstream. I always seemed to be in need of a pen while in the office, and that was the best spot I could find to stick one, and it has worked for me since!
11 JAN 10

I love cutco! which knife is that? it isn't the spreader or the 'table' knife . . . if u wanna call it that!? and how did it come through from the other side?
[Reagan's response]That would be the trimmer! And I wanted to demonstrate how sharp they are.
16 DEC 09

Whyd you ban the hairyman from the site?
[Reagan's response]After looking at his comment, I had an intriguing feeling to google it, so I did. And from there I learned he was spamming many other sites with the same mssg; thus, I need not hear from him again.
30 OCT 09

Looks like they disagree with the idea of being bought out altogether -
[Reagan's response]Thanks for pointing that out, Dougy.
09 OCT 09

Call me curious, but what's the deal w/ the net chasing the eye in the braile download image?
[Reagan's response]I was being a little sarcastic with Panos' comment to my CD refraction preview over at the ASX.
02 OCT 09

Skippy, I was blown away when I saw the full size of the AFR F-16 pilot! The reflection is total greatness! You should make the preview of that 1 a little bigger 'cuz you can't really see it in the preview.
[Reagan's response]Roger, copy, wilco!
11 SEP 09

Skipster, I noticed you have two space images here in your portfolio and your downloads page. I also noticed the backgrounds are really good along with the rockin comets. How did you get them to look like so?
[Reagan's response]As for the e-folio img I found a pair of space pictures, one of which I copied over and over and randomly placed it to kill the repetitive appearance. The other img had the comet, which I masked and put into the new space scene. As for the download, I created that entire img, and to get the curved effect for the comet trail, I used the shear tool. I hope that helps!
06 SEP 09

I thought Therian was talking about your CPC 09 poster, but after looking down a little further I figured he was talking about the 08 poster. I like the parachuter, but it kinda looks like he'll be jumping into the office below him...because the A-10's about to invade his picture! And on the 09 poster, it looks like they're jumping because the F-16's coming right at them!
30 AUG 09

If that was a personal comment about Mr. Probyn getting 28 minutes with the Garridos, I believe it would take him less than 28 minutes to express his true feelings.
31 JUL 09

Captain! Are we going to make it?
[Reagan's response]All things must come to an end at some point, my friend. And that includes the blasted Energizer bunny.
Bubble Monkey
17 JUL 09

Far fig nugen!
[Reagan's response]Umm, okay. I would have gone with something a little more classic...such as "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" or "onomatopoeia." That is just my 02¢ though.
06 JUL 09

The DARKE Yahoo ad conversation is absolutely hysterical! I bet all the kiddos would love that one!
19 JUN 09

Reagan, your CPC poster is pretty cool. How'd you get those pictures to pop out like that at the top?
[Reagan's response]That would be Panos' Out of Bounds (or as I like to call it, Out of Photo Experience) action. Thanks for the compliment, Therian!
05 JUN 09

As for CNN and the cell phone clips, that was the same guy for both videos. He must be very popular, or that could be a CNN stunt. I'd bet on the stunt.
30 MAY 09

Every time I see that Firefox/IE image, I keep getting the desire to see blood (or maybe wires and chips... the technical kind!) pouring out. Okay, so maybe I will do that one of these days when I get bored!
16 MAY 09

That's a unique and funny go by name for that In Design award! That person must not like Ambien!
[Reagan's response]Actually, that was the dummy sample I used for the prelim print, and I, being the design insomniac, was in the midst of an all-nighter when I created it.
10 APR 09

Sure enough, it looks like he messed up on shaving his eyebrows!
[Reagan's response]Negative, that would be a scar from an injury long ago.
29 MAR 09

Um is that seriously a pen on your watch? If so where'd you get it?
[Reagan's response]Affirmative, I wear a pen on my watch because if I need to get a woman's number ASAP, then I am ready at all times! (And yes, I can write on my hand if need be.)  PS: Any pen can go on your watch, just find the one that best matches your needs!
Lisa G.
31 JAN 09

The other day I saw an article on about the December 21, 2012 topic. Considering that is where half of your contnet comes from, is that where you saw it?
[Reagan's response]That could be where I saw it, but I remember seeing something else on some other site... or at least that is what the voices in my head are telling me.
29 NOV 08

Dude, I noticed your line through colors are different than the text. I tried to look at your source code, but you have me beat. How in the heck do you do that!???
[Reagan's response]Here you go, Madoro!
11 NOV 08

[Reagan's response]Nice try... PS: you have been banned.
18 AUG 08

Hi Reagan,
First time I have visited our web site, and I do not know why I waited so long. It's great. Take care and thanks for being a friend.
Barry White
20 JUL 08

Well, Skippy, having now read your Bio I can understand why you assume that everything coming out of my domain is spam. It's because you're another good ol' boy Texan who believes that the goold ol' US of A has the right to tell everyone what to do - funny how most of the real world hates the USA, ain't it?

If you know anything about the internet (which, despite your apparent experience as stated in your résumé, I doubt) you'll know that anyone who may have one of my addresses in their contact list on, say an unprotected machine using Outlook, for example, may have been infected by a worm/virus/trojan and then used that machione as a web-bot to mail spam out.

I take great offecnce that you have decided to broadcast my domain as a spammer. Are you sure it wasn't A-HOLE and not A-Hall you were involved with.

An apology wouldn't go amiss but, given that you're a texan (and thus kitted out with a red neck, a thick hide and no manners or style) I guess you don't have the balls to provide me with one .

Barry Ward
[Reagan's response] Mr. Ward:

I must admit that I take offense to your way of business, yet I appreciate you telling me that your domain is "safe." But if you were unaware of the situation, someone has hijacked your domain and is/was using it for spamming purposes.

Unfortunately I do not have the specific e-mail that was sent to me from your domain, and I have no idea when I received it.

I will remove your domain from the list; however, only until I get time to do so.

Many thanks.
Sue Chastain
15 JUL 08

I know it has been ages since we last communicated. The last e-mail address I had for you bounced. I just wanted to let you know that I have posted the rest of your custom shape files on Here are the URLs:

Thank you for this wonderful contribution!

Sue Chastain, About Graphics software
24 JUN 08

Good shapes. How you make all of that?
[Reagan's response]Here is an example.
15 MAY 08

Cool loops. Where'd you get'em from?
[Reagan's response]
23 APR 08

Pardon the pun, but it looks like someones creativity is on the cutting edge! I doubt you were ever close to the box let alone inside the box.
13 APR 08

I was here a long time ago & came back to see if there were some new files to downlod and my cursors finger was cut in half over the knife sticking out! what'm I gonna do now?
29 MAR 08

those hand signals are really cool and those middle fingers are awesome!! thanks for helping me brighten someones day
08 MAR 08

Europe looks great and so does Oceania. Thanks for the work as I bet many people have needed these for various reasons. Ciao!
[sh!ft] y
12 FEB 08

Nice creations. An inspiration for some of us for sure.
08 FEB 08

nearly 5000 spam emails listed? spammers muist reallly like you!
12 NOV 07

I thoght your humanity page was hilarious, but didnt you forget Britney Spears? I will definately send you something whenever I find it!Some of those people must be nuts!
Political One
30 SEP 07

Looks like another right-wing nutcase is here.
15 AUG 07

Hey, I really like the site
2 things which might make it even better:
- Fix the overlapping that occurs between large pictures and the slider
- Make the angle of those thumbtacs slightly less extreme
You have given me lots of ideas
Thanks, Jeremy.
13 JUN 07

although he is pretty hot [Reagan's response] Whatever. [/Reagan's response] he is a guy and would most likely mess up doing that
04 JUN 07

Shave your eyebrows
ASE member
16 APR 07

I tried to download the Blue_Flames action from your link on the ase support site, but it is not working. Can you put it back on please?
28 MAR 07

Nice sites but there are so many others out there that are better. Don't
Alexandra N
08 MAR 07

Wow, I really like your site. Just looking at it I am almost inclined to grab my post it notes and pin them to my monitor. I dont get this w3c css thing, but the air force looks nice. Keep it up with your creativity.
03 FEB 07

Dude which of those fine ladies is ur girlfriend? I wish i had girls hanging off of me like that and dont post me emal so nobody trax me down!!
Dave M
02 DEC 06

Do you really believe that Sept. 11 stuff? I see you put these links here, but they prove nothing. Of course it was the terrorists. Bush and Company would not destroy millions worth of money and murder thousands of Americans. You are wrong.
F-14 "Nutcase"
14 OCT 06

Skippy, that Air Force stuff rocks! Thanks for making those shapes because I can make some cool things for my unit. Hoora!
18 SEP 06

You have done fine work. Thank you for your efforts and for sharing these files with everyone!
Hoarse Norseman
31 DEC 05

Hi Reagan - Thanks for the nice country shapes. I was looking for a Europe set, did you ever do one of those? If so, I'd love to use it!
Mr. Anonymous
28 SEP 05

Wow, those custom shapes must've taken forever 2 make! R u gonna make 1 4 the states?