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The following list of items are reasons why I believe that humanity has hit a new low. You may submit a site to this list.

01 JAN 19
Sadie is definitely one providing some inspiration and hope to others who are encountering such a difficult and dreadful disease.

I hope they are able to continue with their progress and make great strides to an amazing resolution because it is definitely past due by now.
11 AUG 18
So, at the end of this one, we learn that the person who stole the aircraft supposedly died in the crash. However, before it gets to that point, they said he was performing aerial stunts.

Yeah, I am going to go out and steal an aircraft and perform aerial stunts before I kill myself.

That makes little to zero sense to me.
JUN 18²
This one seems like a good message regarding "paying it forward." And sincere thanks goes to Lance Dunahoe for his actions to help the girls out.
07 JUN 18
Well, whatever it is, I imagine it might put a whole new spin on the definition of "humanity."
24 APR 18
As I said below, I thought we would wake up on 24 APR, and see a new day.
* Looks like I was correct on this one!
19 APR 18
So, it seems that some are claiming (once again) the end times are upon us.

I say, let's all wake up on 24 April and see how things turn out.
20 MAR 18
"If we had understood, I would have recommended that he be assassinated," Shavit said, "and that would have been one of the few times that eliminating a person could have changed history."

I beg your pardon?? Whenever a-n-y-b-o-d-y is 'eliminated,' as you so eloquantly stated, that changes the course of history for many people.
16 MAR 18
I saw this online, and knew I had to post it here.

06 FEB 18
Oh, for the love of humanity...« realized this particular statement has been missing from here since this page's inception!

Let me see here, if someone takes my phone while it is near my car, they may be able to access MY PHONE??
28 JAN 18
When a bird is alive, it eats ants.
When the bird has died, ants eat it.
One tree can be made into a million matchsticks, but only one matchstick is needed to burn a million trees!

Circumstances can change at any time. Do not devalue or hurt anyone in this life.

You may be powerful today, but time is more powerful than you!
15 DEC 17
Sadly, this kid has a LOT to learn about this life.
21 NOV 17
This one hits it right on cue if you ask me! (And this one is on a positive note.)
OCT 17²
Sometimes it seems like some innocent news can lead to disasterous thoughts/actions by some crazed individual(s). Case and point «
22 JAN 17

Hmm, I find three years displayed here to be rather confusing: 2014, 2016 and 2017. "Best of" what again!?
13 JAN 17

So, it seems like these two authors could have written a rather interesting piece had they talked to one another first. The New York Times The Federalist
14 DEC 16
Here is some very pleasant news, coming after the election and all.
21 NOV 16
It looks like I might be able to take back my second statement below in part to Anonymous...
19 NOV 16
How any reasonable Democrat could possibly support the Clinton regime for presidency of the United States, it simply escapes my cranium.

Then again, if this happens to be one of those "news" clips they were referring to as fake news...
09 OCT 16
"...Invites by the school were sent to more than 30 students. Twenty-five volunteered to do the interview, and the first 16 students who signed up were selected.

"Ten of the students thought Clinton behaved better during the debate, while seven thought Trump did."

I am not sure who did the math here, but if sixteen students were chosen for this focus group, how is it that 17 shared their thoughts on who did better? (And funny thing to note is how this correlates to John Oliver's "Kids Count" rant!)
15 SEP 16
Here is some absolutely charming news. And for those of you who fear "The Walking Dead" will actually happen to us, it looks like we might not need to worry about such an occurrence after all.

For those who need to bypass the Washington Post ad scheme,
08 JUL 16
To the shooter in Dallas who claimed "the end is near," you could not have been more correct in your particular situation.
02 JUL 16
This statement hits it right on cue for me. (For those who would guess I am left-handed, you are spot on.)
"Being transgender is not a disease but a human variation—more like being left-handed than schizophrenic."
—Mother Jones
08 DEC 15

Sometimes I wonder about the little details, like is it necessary to have a picture of the smiling reporter to go along with the story. Case and point, this story is obviously nothing to be smiling about.
07 APR 15
"The jury's 12 members and six alternates were chosen in a two-month selection process that included multiple requests by defense lawyers to move the trial out of Boston, where they said Tsarnaev couldn't get a fair shot in a city where nearly everyone was impacted by the bombing or its aftermath."

Hmm, let's see. Requesting a fair trial because everyone there is "too local." Maybe Tsarnaev should have thought about that before pulling the trigger on that horrendous act. But seriously, where in the United States do you think someone could POSSIBLY get a fair jury to start off with?
24 MAR 15
This is utterly despicable...Frank Angley is clinging to life, suffering from a heart attack, yet some douche has the nerve to go and steal the $728 from his back pocket and walk away.

If there happens to be any type of hell beyond this lifetime, surely that thief has a reservation waiting for him.
13 MAR 15
"There are also safeguards in place to ensure data is secure and can't be accessed by unauthorized users."

I can only wonder what planet they are from? Edward Snowden and people of his caliber are going to have a hayday with this!
25 OCT 14
I am extremely glad I was never a fan of Coca-Cola. (Dr. Pepper ruled in my opinion.) Now this should be proof enough in the reasoning why Coke may not have grabbed the attention of my taste buds.
26 FEB 14
As stated by the UAE Islamic Affairs, "It is not permissible to travel to Mars and never to return if there is no life on Mars. The chances of dying are higher than living."

Well, I would hate to point out the concept that life ends regardless if it is started here on our tiny, little planet or if it is on foreign soil, I.E. Mars. Let's get out there and explore what we have as it can lead to bigger and even greater things!
12 AUG 13
Kudos to whoever titled this video, "Moron Thief Gets Instant Karma."
13 JUN 13
Five Signs You May Be Broke in 10 Years
"Sign # 6: You're broke right now.
"Sign # 7: You take advice from anything on Yahoo!"
03 JUN 13
I was sorting through my e-m two days ago, and someway, somehow this video appeared in the mix. I watched up to 12 minutes of it before I forwarded it to my friends, and after watching the remainder of it, I cannot believe what we are doing to ourselves. This is sad...very, very sad.
Update: Here are two newsclips by NBC News regarding Monsanto and their genetically modified wheat appearing in a farm.
25 APR 13
"Bottled water is a bad investment for so many reasons. It's expensive compared to what's coming out of the tap, its cost to the environment is high (it takes a lot of fossil fuel to produce and ship all those bottles), and it's not even better for your health than the stuff running down your drain."

I would like to ask, "What about the water that ignites from the faucet?" Case and point:
And just to edu-ma-cate yourself with the fracking industry, here is part one of the Marcellus Shale Reality Tour. Skip to 30 minutes if you want to see the tipping point.
24 APR 13
"'It seemed to me that Misha had influence on Tamerlan,' apparently encouraging him to give up boxing because it 'is violent,' Khozhgov told CNN's Wolf Blitzer."

What I do not understand here is if boxing is considered "violent," how in the world did Tamerlan see setting off bombs in a public location and shooting an officer as anything less that violent? Whatever possible justification altered that reality...too late now.
15 APR 13
I looked at a section of the news today, and I read, "President Barack Obama has released a $3.77 trillion, 2,000-page spending plan that cuts some cutting edge military technology projects in favor of a fifth domain for battle: cyber."

Let me get this straight...a $3.77 trillion spending plan takes up 2,000 pages? Really!? And how much did the printing purchase cost alone on this note??
27 MAR 13
...Really? This is utterly, jaw-dropping pathetic in my opinion. Paying people to come weep at one's funeral is a step in the wrong direction. I mean, come on...if someone is bad/arrogant/rude/deceitful/disrespectful enough for one's family to have to pay others to mourn their loss, I just do not see a good cause for this. And yes, people might be making a profit; however, their methodology is a demented way of doing business.
20 DEC 12
Uh-oh, the day "before the world is going to end!" Well, it sounds like all is okay in Japan for now...
Anyway, I have to say that I believe the Westboro Baptist Church has plucked the last of their strings as their fabric will be ripped by Anonymous.
I may not have stood ground with Anonymous beforehand, but this is where I see eye-to-eye with them.

Oh no, this is ridiculous.
18 NOV 12

Though I liked her standpoint (or sitting point if you want to be picky about it), I believe she totally hit the nail on the head regarding a community missing their idiot. (The other one, the correct spelling is Kenya.)
21 APR 12
I was checking out to see what the world's newest country is for my World Wide Shapes custom shapes set...thinking there was one from about a year ago, and this was spotted on that page...The robotrobat : Robots that can swim, play and even pole dance. I believe this is proof that humanity as we know it will be vanquished in the near future.
13 JUL 11
Seriously...a chihuahua? If you get to know a canine, the dog will come to respect you. If he cannot do that with an animal, find another job.
04 MAY 11
I am not going to post any links or mention the name here, but I find it to be absolutely stupid to name the individual who shot OBL. I guess they may not have wanted to turn this into something of a "Bourne Identity" assasination, but still... naming the individual and posting his picture is the wrong thing to do.
16 MAR 11
Okay, this is running late due to work and other things, but if you want to make an effort to help support those in Japan, here be some useful info, which I got from CNN:
Mercy Corps: "MERCY" to 25383
Convoy of Hope: "TSUNAMI" to 50555
World Vision: "4JAPAN" to 20222
RC: "REDCROSS" to 90999
06 MAR 11
It seems that we have yet another doomsday prophecy that even the Mayans missed. How sad...
15 JAN 11
I know the positive spin on this page is few and far between, but this one definitely hits the mark in my book. To the lady laughing at 01:32...I guess you find amusement in just about anything.
09 DEC 10
This one hits a nerve. Not necessarily that they want to picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral, but the whole concept of that "church."  I cannot understand why they have such horrible desires to picket funerals of fallen soldeirs. I would hate to break this concept to them, but someone needs to get the point across - if it were not for the soldiers defending their freedom, they would have no freedom at all.
Update: Thank you, Arizona!
With all of the negative things in the news, I am glad to see something like this come up. Had it not been for a little searching and posting by her mother, I am absolutely certain the force would not have come together so quickly and as strong.
06 DEC 10
It was stated that Julian Assange said not one person has been demonstrably harmed in WikiLeaks' four years. Okay, so let's keep releasing more classified information just to see how long you can keep that wonderful record going. Idiot.
27 OCT 10
If I may ask, where is the enjoyment of test driving a vehicle via the 'Net? I see this as a complete waste of time and effort because I will put money down that there will be plenty of people who intend to try and do unexplicable things with their driving abilities. Sure, I bet they have many safeguards preloaded to help prevent those things, but there is bound to be someone a step ahead who will take advantage of it... and most likely will not buy the vehicle!
Update: It is great to see another car company make fun of the online test drive concept!
24 JUL 10
Ummm, so a whale comes out of the water and crashes into a boat... and you can hear laughter in the background from this group - zero signs of panic whatsoever. And they appear to just casually go about their business without aiding the other individuals. I wonder if they would be laughing had it happened to them instead.
26 MAY 10
This has got to be one of the most ironic things I have seen in the news lately. They want to kill us, and to die by doing so, yet the IRC wants to heal their injured. What the...?
14 MAY 10
This one falls into the same category as my note from 22 JAN 09. And it is nice to see that other ppl made similar comments as well!
03 MAY 10
KFC...this one says it all:  KFC
03 APR 10
I am at a loss for words. I cannot understand how someone with this amount of intelligence, or lack thereof, can be in a position where ppl voted him in. And as commented on the site, pay attn to his hand gesture while talking about tipping over and capsizing.
23 JAN 10
Are you kidding me!? This is utter proof that we have officially hit the brink and are going straight down the toilet. And some of the comments posted are absolutely hysterical!
Update: Looks like CNN finally got word of this...
17 NOV 09
"I think it's a desire to sort of say ... 'We won't have to worry about the future, because there is no future.'  And so therefore, we can do what we want now, and all the debts are put off, and all the responsibilities are avoided."

-Wheeler Winston Dixon

To Dixon I would like to ask, "What about tomorrow?"  Now I understand you and I might not be here, but tomorrow will be here regardless because time itself will never cease to exist.
29 OCT 09
Am I the only one who thinks we will be paying severely for this idea? Not as in paying for all of them to convert, but the consequences of them converting, getting more and more money... and what they can do with that money afterwords can be detrimental in comparison to them beforehand without so much money.
29 AUG 09
For one to go and do such things and get away with it for so long is utterly incomprehensible. The step-father needs to be given 28 minutes with the Garridos individually.
03 AUG 09
I have stayed out of the news on the Nobama Health Care plan, but from each and every bit that I hear... I have zero understanding of how it would be accepted by the people of the United States.
Update: Lo and behold... some interesting feedack on this article here.
Update: Received from an e-mail:

Let me get this straight.

We're going to pass a health care plan written by a committee whose head says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that hasn't read it but exempts themselves from it, signed by a president that also hasn't read it, and who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that's nearly broke.

What could possibly go wrong?

18 JUL 09
This statement from the article sums it up for me:
"If people don't think we were able to go to the moon, then they don't believe in the ingenuity of human achievement. Going to the moon and returning astronauts safely back to Earth is arguably one of the most profound achievements in human history, and so when people simply believe it was a hoax, they lose out on that shared experience, and doubt what humans can do."

-Stuart Robbins

28 JUN 09
Come on...who do they think they are going to fool!?
25 MAY 09
If you look below, you will see the same interaction with a cell phone on CNN. I bet their providers are happy with how CNN treats their phones!
06 MAY 09
Nearly $329,000 for a photo op!? I imagine almost every Photoshop designer felt frustrated that they wasted so much money when all they needed were two decent pictures and PS. And now those shots are classified? How stupid can they be!?
15 APR 09
Now that she is taking rights to Octomom, I wonder what other names will follow that nickname?
Why did the drivers not slow down and stop in that lane? I understand it is a freeway, but come on... had it been an injured person, I think there would be a little more interaction than driving by. (Well, maybe not if you look at some of the other links listed below.)
04 APR 09
You know, if that guy had enough time to see the Google car from his window and run downstairs and outside to wave the car down, either his house must not be all that big, or that driver was going ≤10 mph.

I imagine it would be entertaining to mount a camera to my car and drive through that area a couple of times.
10 MAR 09
Okay, this one is something I thought would be amusing to post:
Jeff Dunham and Achmed the Dead Terrorist are going to have fun with this punch line,
9/11 defendants: We're 'terrorists to the bone'
02 FEB 09
Truly disturbing. Once again, ppl not coming to the aid of someone injured.
27 JAN 09
This has to be one of the most pathetic things I have seen lately. I do not even remember how I stumbled upon this info-no, it was not from Stumble Upon-but there is no way the world will end on that date by natural causes.
Update: Thank you, NASA!!
Update: It is good to see some funny and amusing posts over here,
22 JAN 09
$3.8 million for a 22-year-old woman's virginity. How many charities, other humane organizations and ppl in dire need could be helped with at least ¬ of that money?
07 JAN 09
Choose your own explitives to describe this one!
03 JAN 09
I saw a huge discussion on CNN about this-viewpoints from about every angle-and all I can say is that if the Chinese are able to sue Microsoft for protecting their own property, then the U.S. needs to take a serious stand against the lead poisoning issue.
02 DEC 08
I wonder how effective this system will be on the blind?
26 SEP 08
The use of the marching band and drum line: awesome; however, the point the reporter is talking about just makes me cringe. It would have been better if she used other examples as well.
01 SEP 08
Sometimes it is just better to keep your mouth shut.
19 AUG 08
This one speaks for itself: "Bigfoot claim a fake, ex-enthusiast says."
18 AUG 08
Once again, my note from OCT 07² works for this one.
12 DEC 07
How traffic manages to get by at this particular location, I have no idea!  But maybe it is good exercise from all of the doughnuts and coffee.
18 NOV 07
They are going to temporarily ban the use of tasers because of death. ...Okay, then why did they not permanently ban the use of more severe weapons?
15 NOV 07
I wonder how much crack these scientists were smoking.
12 OCT 07
Must I add the fact that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize? And it is nice to see a couple other ppl out there agree with me:
07 OCT 07
Well, the U.S. news media sure does a great job of telling all who hate us how to attack us.
14 JUN 07
Absolute proof that the ipod has gone too far.
12 JUN 07
Need I mention the insane news broadcasting of Anna Nicole Smith's death and this Paris Hilton junk???
30 Mar 07
This is absolutely disgusting, and I am NOT posting a link for it. Fox News has been broadcasting (every 30 minutes like they do everything else) that sexual predators can go to a particular Web site and get tips on how to sneak up on the kid along with other things like pictures and other stuff. And the sad report is that it is legal!
27 OCT 06
I saw this one on GMA or some other news show, so I have not seen the actual clip yet; however, I think it deserves to be listed here.
03 OCT 06
If they manage to successfully make money off of this...
02 SEP 06
Is it necessary to teach someone how to make a PB&J sandwich via the Net???